Famous Royal Mistresses

Who can argue with the fact that famous English kings were fond of not only their queens but also other women? It is quite well-known that most royals of England (and not only England) had beautiful mistresses. We are going to tell about some of the famous royal mistresses who became famous for their beauty and royal connections. 

I have something in common with HRH The Prince of Wales! No, no, no – I know what you’re thinking and it isn’t that, it is that we share the same birthday. Today, Friday 14 November. Happy Birthday to me and Happy Birthday Charlie!

Of course, I’m decades younger than him so I’ll be blowing out a lot less candles on my cake when I party with Lilyfields London escorts, but sharing my birthday with Royalty made me think of a few other things. Royalty and ladies of the night for example, or famous mistresses.


(And Charlie was maybe guilty of that too.)

A mistress was almost an essential requirement for an English, French or German king and when opportunities for women were few and far between, the royal mistress world could offer her and her family amazing advancements, wealth, power and more. Lilyfields Escorts in London love their stories.

Here are just a few of the famous Royal mistresses…

Nell Gwynne – the Orange girl – was one of Charles 11’s mistresses. She was a famous actress who came to his attention and was remembered by him on his deathbed, when he begged his brother to “Let not poor Nelly starve”. She was only 37 when she died, almost certainly of syphilis. Charles was thought to have had some 13 mistresses in total.

Madame de Pompadour is one of the world’s famous mistresses. The mistress of King Louise XV for 19 years, and she was also famous for contracting out the sexual part of their relationship – supplying him with young women to sleep with whilst she provided the company and conversation.

As well as six wives, Henry VIII had a number of mistresses, including Mary Boleyn the sister of his second wife Anne Boleyn, and Bessie Blount, the mother of his only acknowledged illegitimate child, Henry Fitzroy, 1st Duke of Richmond and Somerset.

Alice Perrers was the mistress of Edward III in the 14th century and as a result of her liaison with the King, she acquired significant amounts of land. She was thought to be the inspiration for the Wife of Bath in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

Finally Rosamund Clifford was the mistress of Henry II and famous for being very beautiful. Rumours abounded that Henry’s queen Eleanor of Aquitaine poisoned Rosamund in a fit of jealousy but the stories are thought to be legend and not truth. Her gravestone apparently read – “Here in the tomb lies the rose of the world, not a pure rose; she who used to smell sweet, still smells-but not sweet.”