Escorts Blogging to Earn their Living

London escort girls are often engaged in blogging. There are several reasons for being a blogger that attract London girls. The first one is that nobody else can describe the life of an escort better than an escort herself. It means that women who are good at writing and know this profession in the essence are welcomed to blog by agencies. Another reason for escorts blogging is the psychological one. This is a certain kind of a therapy when we can tell everything we have on mind and ‘paper’ is the best friend. 

People often ask me – how do you find time to write blogs, as well as your Lilyfields Escort work?

Well, you have heard the saying, if you want something done, give it to a busy woman so I think that applies to me for sure. The escort business keeps me really busy – I have plenty of appointments throughout the week and I travel here, there and everywhere, just as most London escorts do.


A lot of the time, I use my time in between appointments to “write” my blog in my head. I find travelling about London conducive to creativity and it helps me pass the time. But I can also get inspiration elsewhere. Perhaps I am standing in the queue at a supermarket (Lilyfields curvy escorts in London do have to eat, after all) and suddenly an idea will pop into my head.

Then I’ll think round the topic and more words or ideas will come to me and as soon as I get home, I need to write them down. And of course my dates with clients supply me with a lot of information that I like to share with you – the entertaining and the informative, I’m sure you will agree.

Sometimes I have spare time at weird times of the day too. I am not a nine to five girl as you know. My working hours can vary greatly, every week. But I do like to keep busy so if I have free time during the day I put it to good use. I will either go to the gym (I’ve got to keep those curves luscious but toned), have a facial or I’ll write some blogs.

I like to exercise my creativity on a regular basis (and there are plenty of my clients who will tell you they have had very creatively erotic experiences with me) and blogging is such a good way to do that.

When I first started writing blogs for our website, it used to take me a long time to write them. I was so desperate to get them right! Nowadays, because I have had so much practice writing escort blogs I can rattle them off very quickly. I think you will agree, however, that I have not sacrificed quality for speed.

So all in all, that’s how I fit my blog writing in.