Going to Restaurants with Escorts

Lilyfields escort girls are often invited for dinner dates so we can claim our companions to be professional connoisseurs of London restaurants and cuisines. They can easily have a chat about the restaurant business in London and even make their original ideas about a menu diversity or atmosphere of a restaurant. 

A lot of my job involves going on dates – men love the company of a beautiful woman for the evening, and I love being taken out so it’s a combination that works very well.

This week, a client took me out for a business meeting which just happened to involve a restaurant launch. He and some investors were looking at the options of opening up another restaurant in London. Of course, as most people know restaurants open and close all the time and the main reason is that investors haven’t done their research.


My client had done his research – he knows his target market and he knows where there is a gap in the market, and I came along as Lilyfields London escorts tend to know A LOT about wining and dining.

My client is looking at a mid-range restaurant that specialises in new food trends and taster menus so that people can feel they are getting a little taste of everything. But the restaurant also needed a theme – what could the theme be?

One recent experience I had was the Dans Le Noir restaurant in London, where diners eat in pitch darkness. I was there with a regular client of mine who wanted to try out. It was unbelievably sensual.

Not knowing what you are eating and relying on your senses of smell and taste instead of sight was incredible. (Blindfolds are a regular part of my work so I know all about what sensory deprivation does.) And of course you must concentrate on conversation too.

So dining in the dark is a good theme, but we needed something new and original.

“What about dining with an escort?” I suggested. “We could tie the two experiences in!”

My client looked at me with interest. Well, it goes on anyway – this would just be putting it on a more official basis.

“There might be something in that,” he said. “We could design a menu and experience based purely around sensuality…”

We spent 20 minutes or so speculating on what could be included – the obvious things such as oysters, chocolate and asparagus for example, but also finger foods you could feed your dining companion, fur-covered chairs that you sink into and of course your choice of beautiful escorts offered by Lilyfields London escorts agency!

Sounds like a winning restaurant idea don’t you think?!