Escorts Resolutions 2015

Undoubtedly, there are a lot of people who make up a list of resolutions for the coming year. The girls of our agency are not an exception and are ready to share with you their resolutions 2015. As the professionals devoted to their work, most of our escorts’ resolutions are about how to improve their every day communication with clients.

People always ask if the Brazilian escorts make New Year resolutions. Some do and some do not – because you can make a resolution to be different/better/improved at any time of the year. Why just do it in January?

But do you know – Lilyfields London escorts agency have many ideas from the sexy girls listed, so we can share with you a few ideas for the new year resolution. They are good resolutions for Lilyfields escorts in London and they are good for any London escort too!

  • Be the very best you can be. There are so many people who work in dead-end jobs they hate. Working in a job you hate is very bad for the soul. Find what you love to do, take a pay cut if necessary and go out there and do it.
  • Learn as much as you can about your chosen profession. I know a lot about escorting and escorts in London. I know what makes a good escort – someone who is bright and chatty, but professional and discreet. I know the tricks – the sensual massage, the art of conversation which brings man out of himself, and the way to act in different situations.
  • Always make the most of your appearance. That isn’t a sexist suggestion by the way. I think all humans should make the most of their appearance, male or female. If you take pride in your appearance, it translates to other parts of your life and tends to make you feel a lot better about yourself.
  • Make sure your pay reflects your worth. I never underestimate my value and because of that, neither do my clients. Yes, they pay top dollar for me and yes, I’m definitely worth it.
  • Make good friends with your colleagues. They are the people you can off-load when you have problems or issues to discuss and they often see a side of you that your family and friends don’t.
  • Offer solutions not problems. I think about potential problems for my agency and potential problems for my clients and I think about the way I would deal with them. This is good advice in general, as people always prefer someone who can say – “well, this is an issue but I’ve thought about how we could get round it.”
  • Talk less, listen more. There is a reason why Mama Nature gave us two ears and one mouth! (Like many escorts I’m very good with my mouth, having said that.) I need to listen a lot in my job so that I can work out what a client REALLY wants, and I know a lot of clients actually pay for someone to listen to them because they don’t have that in their daily lives. People who listen are in much more demand than those who talk too much.

If you haven’t made up a list of your resolutions yet here are some cute ideas for you:
Different Ideas for 2015 Resolutions