Dancing Escorts of London

Most Latin girls of our agency are dancing escorts, which means they have an additional way to spend time in a company of their clients. We are posting the story of one our escorts that tells us about the benefits of being a dancer and how it helps her in her job. 

Sometimes, my past as an exotic dancer comes in handy for my Lilyfields Latin London escorts agency.

There are a lot of clients who like an exclusive, intimate performance and I remember all the moves I learned whilst working in that top London club. I’ve got a few great routines and I’ll perform them for the delight and edification of my client.


There are a few tunes that work really well for these kind of dances and I adapt the rhythm to suit. (If you are looking for songs to strip to, try Cookie by R Kelly, Black Widow by Izzy Azalea featuring Rita Ora, and West Coast by Lana del Ray.)

I still have the clothing that works well for such dances – you know the kind of stuff I mean: items that can be taken off really easily and in one fluid movement so that their removal doesn’t inhibit the movements of the dance.

Being someone’s private dancer is a dream come true for a lot of clients.

A dancing background has a lot of other uses. For example, dancers often have incredibly good posture so they tend to look great in clothing (standing up straight performs miracles on your appearance so be sure to practise it all times, ladies).

Another benefit that you get from a dancing background is flexibility. Show me a dancer who can’t get her leg over her head and I’ll show you someone who wasn’t a good dancer. I have extreme hamstring flexibility and my legs go high. I can also do the splits and I’m great at back bends. A flexible body is a very useful asset when you are an escort.

Dancers also need to take good care of their fitness and appearance. I learned how to eat a healthy diet when I started dancing – the kind of diet that made me slim but curvy and which gave me great skin. I also know how to apply amazing make-up – it looks subtle, but it enhances all my features. I also know what underwear really suits me (balconette bras and cami knickers) and I make sure I always wear them whilst working.

Finally, a dancer knows rhythm and rhythm is surprisingly important. Especially for Lilyfields Latin London escorts in London.