Top Villa Holidays in Europe

There is no better time to enjoy summer holidays in a company of a beautiful travel partner somewhere on exquisite villas of Italy or France. We have made an overview of summer villa holidays in the most romantic countries of Europe – Italy and France. Hurry up to choose your destination spot to run away with one of our travel companions. 

Looking to plan villa holidays with a charming London companion by your side? European villas provide the privacy, luxury and amenities for the ultimate dream holiday abroad. Whether you are looking for a poolside retreat on the coast of Italy, or a country villa in the wine regions of France, there is an option suitable for every budget and occasion.

There are villas all over Europe, ranging from budget self-catering to five star full service with staff at your disposal. This allows you to find a European villa that is perfect for your needs based on time of year, geographic preference and type of property. The beauty of self-catering accommodation is that it is entirely bespoke and can be booked according to your own needs and preferences.

Taking an escort on European villa holidays is a wonderful idea for those looking for easy down time in a relaxed and private setting. Here are the top places to take your gorgeous lady (or ladies) on your next trip over to the continent.

Baciare (Kiss) In Italy


The warmth and charm of Italy makes it a popular choice for self-catering holidays abroad with escorts. Most of the villas in Italy can cater to every whim and uphold the utmost privacy and security for your satisfaction.

Popular regions include the Amalfi Coast, where villas clench onto cascading cliffsides in scenic harmony over the sea below and Tuscany where you can expect seclusion, great wine and Italian fare that blows you away.

Italy is the perfect backdrop for getting away from the office and into the embrace of a special lady. Rent a gondola on a Venetian canal, explore the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence, or simply stay in for an authentic slice of pizza on your villa’s lush sofa.

Draguer (Flirt) In France


Just a ferry or train ride over the English Channel, France is waiting with incredible villas that will provide the perfect romantic setting for you and your escort. France is a wonderful choice for those who are truly after a fairytale trip and offers elegant chateaus, rustic farmhouses and cosy cottages only a short drive away.

Head to the South of France for the ultimate indulgent holiday and mingle with the social elite of the world on your rented yacht or beachside club. Grabbing some rays and taking it easy is also an option, with a plethora of wonderful beaches to choose from along the coast.

Prefer something less warm and busy? A mountain chateau or cottage in the shadow of Mont Blanc is a great way to spend the winter. Cuddle up with your escort by the fire after a long day on the slopes.

If you are looking for the best dream holiday with Lilyfields adventurous travel companions, a European Villa can offer everything you need.