First-Time Clients of an Escort

Lilyfields agency takes care of its escort girls and ensures them the best first-time experience of companionship services in London. Every girl coming to the agency is guaranteed safety because every client of the agency is a certain kind who has the right opinion of companionship services and escorts’ job. 

What was it like your first time?

That is a question I get asked a lot, as everyone wants to know what it was like the first time I worked at Lilyfields London escorts. My friends ask me, clients sometimes ask me and sometimes I give different responses.


To friends I say – it was not like what you might expect… I know what I expected. I was new to London and I found the city exciting, but quite scary at the same time. It is a big, noisy city and I worried that I might not be safe, that I might be attacked or that I wouldn’t have enjoyed myself…

I needn’t have worried. Lilyfields London escorts ensures the safety of its escorts and because we are viewed as a high-class escort agency, we do attract a certain kind of client. That’s not to say that being rich makes a man safe or nice – that’s certainly not true – but they are able to weed out anyone who has the wrong idea about escorts, or think they are above the law.

Anyway, my first booking was with a client that I met at a nearby hotel. He was one of those clients who looks for companionship because his business life at the moment is too busy for social interaction. You would be surprised at the number of clients who call us for companionship for this reason. He was quite shy at first, but I’m quite talkative, especially when I am nervous as I was because it was my first time, so I chattered away for a while and then he began to relax, telling me about his life story and what brought him to London.

I told him a bit about my background, but once he had gotten over his shyness he talked a lot, so much so that he had to book me for longer because he enjoyed my company and having the chance to sit and talk to someone.

It was interesting and by the end of it, I thought to myself, ‘OK, that was good. I can do this job and I think I might even be very good at it!’

When I tell clients about my first time, I sometimes make it sound a little more… like an adventure I suppose. And exciting adventures are always for me these days, I guess you could say.