What Does Woman Body Language Speak About?

There are two types of communication – verbal and non-verbal. Sometimes knowing the meaning and rules of non-verbal communication may be more useful and helpful than the knowledge of a language itself. Our body can send lots of signals to the people we communicate with so their knowledge will guarantee a more successful interaction. Escorts are real masters in the sphere of mysterious signs and woman body language. Their legs can tell a man a lot about their personality.

It is difficult to be surprised with the fact that people are able to convey information via mime, gestures and a pose. Our gestures, appearance, clothes, jewellery, glance, distance which we keep while talking to somebody are all signals giving the greatest advantage and a valuable source of information about our feelings, intentions and thoughts to people who know and can use them.

It is possible to learn about a person’s character understand whether they are honest with you or not and be ready for their actions. Female legs play a more interesting role in the sphere of non-verbal communication. The information that woman’s legs can tell about is very captivating and cognitive for men. So looking at female legs can not only be pleasant for men but also very helpful to find out a lot of interesting facts about their owners. Escorts have certain signals which they send to men with the help of legs’ positions.

Pose # 1
If an escort is standing with her legs wide it means that she is quite stubborn and persistent. Strength is her main quality. She is not interested in flexibility and compromises when she wants to reach her aim. If she has decided to do something, she will do it for sure.

Pose # 2
If an escort has her leg straight and close to each other, she is well-balanced and patient for people’s drawbacks. She is quite reserved in revealing her feelings. Such escorts are very good friends. However some coldness can be present in their image. It is the only thing that can interfere with their communication with people.

Pose # 3
If an escort slightly puts forward one of her legs, it means that she has a very strong temperament; she is very active and has a very strong life position. She is fond of being in the centre of attention and she is engaged only in those things that she can perfectly do while showing her flexibility and always reaching the set aims.

Pose # 4
Escorts who like criss-crossing their legs are very ambitious. They constantly make up plans and invent new and new goals to achieve in life. They are not afraid of taking responsibility upon themselves and very often play the main role in relationships.

Pose # 5
An escort who sits her one leg on the other is very confident of themselves and their irresistibility. They know that produce an indelible impression on men around. They are characteristic of enjoying life and doing everything for pleasure. They tempt men in the deep of follies and delights.

Pose # 6
Escorts sitting straight with their legs put carefully together in front of them are quite conservative in their convictions. Though they are very sincere and honest and sometimes very straightforward. Sometimes they may seem cold-hearted but it is only a sign for men that they are not the object of their interest.

Learn to Decode Female Body Language