Latin Girls Beloved Cars – Audi, Volvo or Ferrari?

Men and women are very different and nobody can argue it. They have various perceptions of life and attitude to life. Their taste in cars also differs. Recently British researchers have carried out a survey to find out the answer to a question – what cars will Latin girls fall in love with? The results are really curious and to some extent intriguing…

The differences between men and women have always caused a lot of debates. And there are sound reasons for this difference. They say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. There are a lot of things that make men and women so different. For example the cars they choose. There are two makes of cars that can be said are owned by mostly men or mostly women. According to the recent research of the car industry in the UK Audi RS4 is bought preferably by men. And Volvo S40 enjoys the biggest interest from London Latin women.

What is different in the mentioned cars? First of all, their prices. Audi is about 67 000 when Volvo is two times cheaper. Then, of course, the speed, it is no wonder that Audi is much faster than the Volvo. Though the speed is not the main issue that makes Volvo cars admired by Latin female buyers. There is something else that matters for Latin women. It is the fact that Volvo is considered to be the most reliable and safe auto which has won a safety crash test. The choice of women is predetermined by their self-preservation instinct.

British researchers have come to a very interesting conclusion that men buy cars with their heart and females – with their heads. There is another thing to prove this fact. It turned out that in the top 10 cars owned by Latin women there are no traces of sports cars. Instead there are completely different values from the ones that a sport car can offer. Latin women treasure reliability, safety, quality. We can conclude that Latin girls are quite constant in their values as it is possible to use them in regard to everything women want in their life including men.

Volvo seems to have won female hearts that is why it is possible to see more and more Latin women behind the wheel of this Swedish car. It does not mean to say that if females were given a choice between a Ferrari and some kind of a sedan, they would choose the latter. It stands for the fact that Latin girls, who would choose a sports car, are an exception of the rule applied to most women.

So what cars will Latin females fall in love with? It is definite that Volvo will top the list of such autos. This female permanency cannot be argued. And all the cars that can bring this confidence in safety and reliability will top them on the list of a female choice. However the question is what cars Latin women will fall in love with. And we love should come from our hearts. So basically it is possible to conclude that Latin girls like most men will love something really beautiful, fast and with the highest performance. That is why the answer will be as follows – Latin women will fall in love with something very hot but choose something safe and reliable.