What Is GFE?

GFE… There will be a lot of clients who will wonder what these three letters stand for. So we are ready to uncover the mystery of this triple right here and right now. Girlfriend experience is what’s hidden behind the secret letters. However, they don’t say much about the service they are used to explain, to get to the core of it keep on reading… 

It has become increasingly common in escorting circles these days to talk about GFE. You may be wondering exactly what this service involves. Well, let me enlighten you since I tend to provide this particular service myself working as I do with Lilyfields – in fact I have several clients who delight in the girlfriend experience, one of whom has been doing so for almost seven years now.


The GFE is what you’d more or less guess it is although it will vary between escorts and agencies. Essentially though the girlfriend experience is about a long term encounter. This is never going to be a one-off engagement (unless that’s the type of girlfriend a client is used to and likes). No this is about really getting to know a client from such straight-forward matters as what their favourite colour is and how they like their steak cooked to the more intimate why they never sleep with the lights and no longer speak to their mother etc.

With a girlfriend experience it’s about getting to know for and care about a client and where his (or her) happiness becomes all important. The pair may meet for a maximum of one week a month or maybe even every four days. It wouldn’t just be about staying in the flat, her massaging him and ensuring he feels totally de-stressed and blissfully happy. There is a little more to it. For instance There would probably be walks, days out and even – though not necessarily – some form of soul searching going on. In essence the escort provides the role of companion, confidante, fun-loving playmate and sometimes therapist. It’s not a role for every escort, as you would imagine, simple because it involves a lot of patience (meetings are usually on the client’s terms), unselfishness and a willingness to adapt (sometimes at the drop of a hat).

For many women of course the qualities needed to perform the girlfriend experience may come naturally. In others it can be just too much pressure and they won’t offer it as part of their service. At Lilyfields there are lots of girls here who are prepared to offer the girlfriend experience whereas others opt to perform a straight-forward escort dating service or their clients. Would you ever indulge in the girlfriend experience?