How Escorts Celebrate their Birthday

Most escorts have a tradition to celebrate their ‘birthdays’ with clients. Under escort’s birthday they mean the day they when joined an escorts’ agency or the day of their first booking. The girls who decide to perpetuate this special date of their life are romantic and true devotees to their profession. Among escorts of Lilyfields there are also such girls and one of them agreed to tell us about one of her ‘birthdays’. 

Guess what? It is my birthday next week and I will be celebrating in style…


One thing I have always admired about this country is the fact that your Queen has two birthdays – her official one – escort’s birthday and her real birthday. When I first arrived here, I decided to adopt this habit and so I have had two birthdays ever since. My official ‘birthday’ is the anniversary of when I started as one of London escorts’ most popular bookings and that date is February 20.

I always celebrate my escort’s birthday with a client – in fact, I have been celebrating it with the same client for the last three years as he was the first person who booked me. Both of us remember that first booking with a lot of fond memories…

He had been researching a gallery of escorts in London and had found my profile. As someone with a penchant for dusky dark good looks and a love of good conversation, he felt that I would be the ideal date for an event he was attending that evening. Sure enough, when I turned up, he was delighted and felt he had absolutely made the right choice. The event was good fun, we were never stuck for conversation and after the party had come to an end, well… I started my new career in style.

I have seen that particular client many times since – and not just in February. Whenever he is in London and at a loose end, he books me, but he also makes a point of booking me every February 20, and he is now in the habit of buying me a small gift to celebrate the date.

When I say small, by the way, I mean small in size but not small in value. There was the exquisite diamond pendant he bought me last year, for example. I was so delighted with it, I felt the best way to show it off in all its glory would be to wear it and nothing else. My client agreed 100% and told me to keep it on all night. He said he could pretend to be Leonardo di Caprio painting Kate Winslet in the famous scene in the film Titanic.

After the necklace, I told him he must not buy me anything for my official birthday this year, but he told me that the joy I bring to his life is priceless. Diamonds could not possibly match the value I bring to him. So sweet isn’t it?