Weekend in Harrogate

There are different places where escorts of Llilyfields are invited to spend a weekend with their clients. Those places include not only the best cities of Europe such as Rome, Vienna or Paris but also local UK destinations. One of our girls has recently spent a weekend in Harrogate, Yorkshire. She has brought the brightest impressions of the weekend with her. 

I had a glorious weekend just past – not in Rome, Vienna or even Paris, but in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate, of all places. I say, “of all places” because it’s not exactly the type of town known for its night life or general excitement but boy does Harrogate have class and grandeur to its name!

Harrogate is a town with beautiful architecture, landscaped parks, gorgeous tea rooms (the famous ‘Betty’s’ is there and which Roxy Music front man Brian Ferry is known to frequent). Harrogate is more famous for its spa water though. The town is full of natural springs which contain just the right kind of sulphur and salt mix which makes the skin lovely and soft when bathed in. The spas were also popular last century for their medicinal purposes ie it was good for aching bones and other arthritis-like ailments (not that I have arthritis let me stress right now – I’m far too young and glamorous for that!). So well-known were the spas though that even Queen Victoria came for a dip there!


The client who had invited me to stay with him for the weekend in Harrogate was new (it was actually a last minute booking to be honest and I hadn’t particularly been looking forward to sitting in a train for five hours to get there but boy was I very wrong). That’s because the client turned out to be an extremely wealthy – and rather good-looking, ladies – landowner with a family history that went back a couple of hundred years and which he could trace to landed gentry. As a result the mansion house I stayed in was sumptuous and palatial in the extreme. It had 14 bedrooms and five huge reception rooms. There was maid service too and even a butler who insisted on taking my coat and showing me to my room the minute I stepped across the threshold. Once I’d freshened up I went downstairs to be greeted with a pink champagne cocktail and a tour of that very magnificent house.

The best bit about the house, to my mind, was the heated underground swimming pool with dazzling coloured lights on the bottom and Mozart piped in from speakers fitted alongside. Then there was the heated Jacuzzi and cosy little steam room. We (me and the client) spent A LOT of the weekend in Harrogate in that poolroom – and yes, we got plenty of exercise in! I guess if there are charming Latin escorts reading my story now, they are burning with envy.

“Was I free for another visit next month?” he asked. I pretended to consult my diary but my head was screaming “yes!”