The Scottish Meet-up: Phone Number Dilemma Solved

The phone call… Have you ever thought that a single phone call can change your life once and forever? No? Here is a continuation of our story ‘The Scottish Meet Up’ where one of our escorts having a walking holiday made an acquaintance with a handsome man. She tricked on him giving her wrong phone number but his feelings for her were so strong that a phone number dilemma didn’t stop him to find her in London! 

Do you recall me telling you about the wrong number trick I employed recently? I’d been on a walking holiday and I met a fellow walker who expressed an interest in me.

I gave him some information – not very much – and then when he asked for my phone number, I found myself in a phone number dilemma. It’s not that Lilyfields London escorts can’t have relationships; it’s just that I was not feeling in that frame of mind. It also takes a strong and confident man to be in a relationship with an escort and I didn’t know enough about this man to work out if he was that strong and confident.

So I changed one of the digits of my phone number when I gave it to him. Decision made!

However, I hadn’t reckoned on the strength of his feeling for me. Three days after my return from holiday, I received a phone call.


“Sophia, it’s Tom*,” the voice at the other end said. “Tom, the walker. We met when we were both walking in Scotland last week.”

I was wary – how he managed to track down my phone number? He’d done quite a lot of detective work, it turns out. Thanks to Google and a less than discreet B&B landlady, he had managed to track me down despite my wrong phone number trick.

“Well, then,” I said, “You’ll know what I am. I work for a high-class agency that provides Lilyfields escorts in London.”

Yes, he knew this. He knew this two days ago and he had been thinking and thinking about it; however, the strength of desire he felt for me was still there. And he thought we both had a real connection..

I must admit, I did like him very much. He was/is really attractive and the day we spent walking together was fun. We had so much in common – I liked what he liked, he liked what I like.

“Can I meet up with you?” he asked.

Oh what to do! I want to meet up with him very much indeed. On the other hand, what if we get on really well, fall in love and then he changes his mind about my profession? I’m not changing my job for a while yet and I do not want my heart broken.

What to do indeed.

*I’ve changed both our names.