Unusual Valentine’s Day

There are a lot of unexpected bookings that London escorts face every day. St. Valentine’s is not an exception. Here is the latest recollection of a London escort about two Valentine dates, one of which was a bit extraordinary. What was so unusual about the second date? All the details are here! 

I thought you might all like an update on Valentine’s Day and how it worked out for me. I got a couple of bookings – one from a man who didn’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day and one from a man who was missing his wife.

I know, you just read that last bit and thought to yourself – the guy looked up Latin escorts in London because he was missing his wife?! But bear with me…


I’m a real romantic at heart, so I was happy to help out with the guy who didn’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day. I made sure he had a really good time and he sent him on his way with a smile on his face which I reckon will be there until next month. Mr Missing His Wife guy wanted only companionship and a woman to talk to.

He loved his wife very much, he told me, and she was a very beautiful woman. I reminded him of her and looking into my eyes could give him the idea for the night that he was with her. So where was his wife, you are probably wondering…

My client was an important businessman, usually based in South America. The nature of his business, he told me, meant he had to travel a lot so that he could meet up with buyers in this country. This particular business trip, though, had taken him longer than usual and he and his wife had now been apart for more than a month. He was missing her like CRAZY.

I’m a good listener, many Latin London escorts are, so I didn’t mind listening to him as he spoke to me in detail about his wife. He told me what she looks like, he showed me pictures of her and he described what she likes to do (swim, write poems and cook great food). I felt I knew her very well by the time we had finished.

He also told me what he plans to do with his wife as soon as he is united with her again. I hope that lady isn’t planning to move out of the bedroom for several days.

As a thank you for being such a good listener, my client treated me to some Valentine’s presents. He was very sweet, but he said he could not buy me the same gifts as he planned to take back to his wife as that would feel disloyal, but he did get me a small diamond pendant and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

I can only imagine what that lucky lady was presented with when he returned to the family home.