Spring in London

Every season of the year is remarkable and escorts favour every of the four because they have a lot to show off whether it is winter or spring, summer or autumn. However, the seasons that are appreciated by all the girls and just adored by all men are spring and summer. Spring in London is the time when natural UK female beauty blossoms and every man is ready to give everything in order to admire it.

It’s the beginning of March this week which will hopefully signal the beginning of better weather. I long to wear my Spring clothes. I have some beautiful vintage tea dresses which look really cute and I like to wear them with sandals, but all of this rain has meant sandals and tea dresses really have not been possible.


Mind you, thigh-high suede boots do keep one’s feet and legs pretty dry… And my patent leather Mac also does a decent job of keeping the wind and rain out, as most outcall London escorts will tell you.

But back to Spring. The days are slowly starting to get longer. I work all hours, but the majority of my bookings tend to come at night and soon I will be able to look forward to greeting clients in daylight instead of just the dark. It will be nice to walk along the streets in daylight once more. I have one or two clients who like to watch sunsets too – particularly from the balcony of one of London’s more exclusive clubs or restaurants.

Toasting the sun going down with a nice glass of champagne is pretty special, don’t you reckon?

I think most escorts in London feel the same way that I do. We like winter with its fur coats and thigh-high boots, and the glitter and glamour of the party/awards season, but summer is so much more fun. All of us long to wear summer clothes once more – or even a bikini – and we can’t wait to get bookings for outdoor events.

Last year, for example, I attended a picnic with one client (it involved a very upmarket hamper filled with delicious goodies and a little discreet rolling around on the picnic rug afterwards), and I went on a power boat trip along the Thames. We stopped off at a very nice Michelin-starred restaurant – one that happened to have rooms as well. I also went off to Brighton for a long weekend. My client had a sudden nostalgic need for a beach holiday. We were in the midst of the summer heat wave, so we packed our bags one particularly hot weekend and jumped on a train.

The Brighton holiday, naturally, involved paddling, doughnuts, fish and chips and a Kiss Me Quick hat. I packed my shortest shorts and a darling little crop top. I almost caused three car crashes as I wandered along the main road licking my ice-cream. Really, male drivers ought to take more care.