Don’t Miss a Latin Kiss!

We were amused this week to read about how kissing is becoming more and more acceptable in the UK. In fact, it has been said that in the last few years that England has become a nation of kissers. It wasn’t always like this of course. Kissing used to be something you did with someone you were romantically involved with, or maybe with your grandma at Christmas.
These days it seems that everyone is at it. We kiss people we used to hug, hug people we used to shake hands with, and shake hands with people we used to nod to.

With all this change going on in how we English greet each other in public, we decided to look at how the rest of the world does it. Pay particular attention to how they do it in Latin countries, and you can impress your favourite Latin escort from Lilyfields London Latin Escort agency, all of whom are very good kissers, of course.

Kissing Customs in Mexico and Colombia

In Mexico and Colombia, people are usually greeted with a simple one kiss on the cheek. Apparently, it doesn’t matter which cheek. In Brazil, where many of our escorts come from, a kiss on each cheek is preferable, starting with the right one. Ecuadorian women are greeted with a kiss on their right cheek only.

French Kissing

Like the Brazilians, the Italians believe in kissing each cheek twice. This is the same method used in France, and of course, the practice of French kissing, a highly passionate, romantic and sexual form of kissing, is associated with them. Legend has it that this form of tongue action was brought back to America and Britain by soldiers who had been stationed there during World War One. I wonder how these soldiers explained to their loved ones just how they learned their technique!


In Australia, they have gone the opposite way from those randy French, and developed a unique form of non-contact kissing, called the air-kiss. This is a common way for men and women, and women and women to greet each other. We don’t know how men greet each other in Australia. Perhaps they arm-wrestle?

Kissing in Arab Countries

In contrast to Australia, in most Arab countries, men kissing men is a very common practice. A hug, followed by cheek or forehead kissing is customary. However, due to cultural reasons, kissing someone from the opposite gender is not appreciated, unless she is a close friend or family. In fact, public kissing between men and women is prohibited in Egypt. However, people of the same gender can greet each other by kissing on the cheeks three times.

Kissing in Asian Countries

As they consider it a highly private activity, kissing in public is not welcome in most Asian countries like India and China. While in Japan, kissing has been replaced with bowing. The person who wants to show more respect bows the lowest.

Kissing Customs in the States

Some US states have rather quaint kissing customs, some of which have been legally codified. For example, kissing your wife on a Sunday is illegal in Hartford, Connecticut. Meanwhile, a man with a moustache in the state of Indiana may not habitually kiss people. We actually agree with this as there is nothing worse than snogging a handlebar moustache and getting a mouthful of whiskers. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, kissing a stranger is a criminal act.

‘African’ Kiss

In African tribes, the practice of kissing each other is not at all common, however, it is often seen as a sign of respect for people to kiss the ground as an act of reverence, when they arrive at a neighbouring village or come back home.

European Kissing Art

In Central European countries such as Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, kissing is not just an expression of affection, but a way of showing respect. In Germany, a kiss on the hand is considered to be the perfect way to greet a lady.

The Irish have a wonderful tradition of kissing the Blarney Stone, which is a rock stuck in a wall at Blarney Castle. You have to crawl on your back to do it, while dangling precariously off a ledge. However, those that do it are said to be given the gift of eloquence.

In several European countries including Holland, Switzerland and Russia, it is customary for people to greet each other by kissing the cheeks three times, starting with the right cheek. We know some Dutch people and they really do this too. They spend the first two minutes of every meeting performing this complicated ritual.

‘Nose’ Kissing

The most strangest kiss of all is done by the people in the Arctic region, who show affection by pressing their nose against the nose of the other person. This odd tradition is also widely practised in a wide range of countries in the Asia/Pacific region such as Vietnam, Cambodia, as well as among the Maori of New Zealand.

So there you have it. Kissing has certainly caught the UK by storm in recent years. We wonder if some of the strange kissing customs from around the world will make it to our shores. The best kiss in our opinion is a good old-fashioned snog with a beautiful and charming lady, and with our sexy UK escorts, we think we have the best ladies to practice your technique on.