Coolest London Pubs

For us, the second best way to spend time, is by relaxing in a cool pub. The first best thing, of course, is to spend it relaxing in a cool pub with some charming female company, enjoying some chilled down time. Our elite collection of beautiful London escorts are ideally suited for this activity. The only question is which pub will you choose? Here are some suggestions for this week’s chill-out destination.

Happiness Forgets

Happiness Forgets is a cocktail bar in a basement in Hoxton Square in fashionable Shoreditch, which has the exclusive and secretive vibe of a speak easy. This makes it a fun place for a weekend date with a charming girl on your arm, and the last time we visited it, many couples were using it for a romantic rendezvous, so you won’t feel out of place. The cocktails are sublime and if you get peckish, the bistro on the ground level serves excellent pub grub. Get there early on weekends, as it tends to get busy, but with the no-standing policy, it means you can have a truly intimate and romantic time with your Latin companion.

Mayflower Pub

There must be a hundred boozers which claim to be the oldest and one of the coolest London pubs London, and it stands to reason that most of them must be telling porkies. The Mayflower Pub in South London however, is officially recognised as the oldest pub on the River Thames, and is named after the The Pilgrim Fathers’ ship which set sail to colonize New England back in 1620.

Located right next to the quayside where they left London, rumour has it that this pub is where they went for their final swig of ale. These days, it’s small, dark and cosy but also warm, clean and well-cared for, and is the ideal place to take a Latin escort lady who appreciates history and charm. Curved and uneven steps lead up to a first floor dining room which offers unrivalled views of the Thames, and this is our favourite traditional English pub for whiling away weekends.


Barrio is a chain of Latin themed-pubs, which rather handily has a rather fine establishment in Soho’s Poland Street. Since many of our escort ladies hail from Brazil and other Latin countries, they would be the ideal companion for a fun and relaxed visit to this place, as it will give them a taste of home. Together you can enjoy quality tacos and some of the meanest cocktails this side of the Atlantic. They also serve beer and cider if you are not a fan of fancy drinks, and the colourful ambience and Latin tunes make this a convivial and chilled place to relax with a beautiful lady.

These are our favourite places in London to chill out with a Latin girl. Do you know of any other coolest London pubs to relax in with some female company? Why not tell us on our Twitter account?