To Be an Escort

Every London escort seems to have her own secret of how to be successful and popular with men. However it is impossible to tell the story of every escort girl. That is why there is a scope of escorts tips united with one topic – how to be an escort.

First and foremost: a woman has to choose to become an escort by her free will. She should not let anybody talk her into becoming an escort. And definitely not being coerced or have the feeling to be forced into it – let alone to be forced.

Everybody remembers a fairy tale about an ugly duckling which turns into a marvelous swan. There are also mysterious stories about bewitched princesses who transformed into unforgettable beauties. We watch a lot of movies where foolish girls become the queens of attractiveness. But we sit doing nothing when it comes to our personal life.

A magic story of turning from a simple girl into a magnificent escort is not so difficult as it may seem for the first time.

Escorts are sure that there are some forces that help them be successful every day. And it is necessary to start with your home however strange it can be. There is a belief that if beautiful things surround you at home, you start feeling comfortable and happy inside. The creators of Kama sutra explain this phenomenon in a simple way: the organs of senses are responsible for our sexuality. The touch of silk, the fragrance of aromas are possible to make from any female a goddess. So that a girl easily turns into a splendid escort in London.

Put It Off
Practically all the participants of fashionable TV shows changing a female image explain their wish to become more feminine. They come to the studio as they are used to living – wearing jeans and formless shirts but leave the stage in beautiful dresses and skirts. What other things can make a girl look like a real escort lady. Escorts say that if a woman wants to transform into an escort, she should put off all the gray and unnoticeable clothes and put on something attractive, intriguing and feminine. There is no a better way to change your life than to change your image. Initially, femininity is the set of right instruments in a correct combination. Heels, clothes stressing your waist line, stockings – all these things are the attributes that escorts use to be real women.

Feminine Fame
Some escorts have acknowledged that they became what they are not going through a chain of various situations and hard work. Some of them have admitted that they were not so successful several years ago. But what or who helped them become what they are now? The escorts claim that there is an undeniable way to achieve this. They tried to determine what qualities they lack most of all, e.g. sexuality, charm, self-expression, braveness, femininity, and then chose the actresses or other famous women who have them in abundance.

Geisha’s Experience
Escorts do not conceal that the start of their activity and success was in the experience of previous generations of women. Escorts say that everything that is known about the ways to achieve your femininity is wonderful experience. That is why they resort to it even when they have reached the top of their skills. Geishas can be a perfect example of mastery of femininity.