Escorts Photos

Quality photos are very important for escorts’ agencies as they demonstrate the beauty of the girls that work there. Lilyfields escort agency in London has a set of helpful tips for females that will make their photos look really attractive. Latin escorts advise on the best poses, make-up and tricks. Any woman would find this info useful.

Escorts photos of Lilyfields London escorts agency are made by professional photographers. Escorts photos look natural and it is not only the work of the camera and the photographer but also there is a great contribution of escorts. London escorts of Lilyfields have their tricks that help them achieve the best results in the photos. Here is a set of tips that can help any woman have a killer photo.

Light is very important for a photograph so when you Latin escorts are shot outdoors or indoors with the light, they take care of their position regarding the light. Photographers advises to stand behind the light or the sun to avoid any shadows on the face. Besides, it is good to raise your chin a little to exclude any casts.

Look to the right!
According to a little research that has been made by Lilyfields escorts and a photographer the pose that is really advantageous for a girl is when she is turned to her right side. It turns out that when the escorts of London look to the right on their photos they are more attractive and natural. So here comes the first tip from Latin escorts – move your face a bit to the right showing your left cheek and you will win the best looking person in the photo!

Be slender!
There is no secret that a person can mislead the camera and choose the best possible pose. London escorts have another tip for females connected with how they should pose themselves in front of the camera. Latin escorts assure that if a girl makes one of her shoulders closer to the camera staying straight and looking just at the lens, she will be visually thinner.

Warning! Short Cameramen!
Brazilian London escorts warn that women should avoid short cameraman if they do not want to get a drawback for their stunning appearances. It is proved that if you are photographed by a person who is shorter than you, you risk getting a double chin effect! It is absolutely necessary for the lens to be at the eye level or above it.

Your Pretty Face!
There are several points to highlight and make your face look better on the photos. First of all it is your smile. Lilyfields escorts usually take a bit of practice; they stand in front of the mirror smiling at it, choosing the most comfortable way to do it. At the point they understand that it is what they really they need try to remember this smile. Then it is very important to make your face shiny. For this reason London escorts resort to a teeth whitener and a shiny gloss to make their lips look fuller and more seductive.

Eyes’ Sparkles
No doubt eyes are the most attractive part of a female face so it is utterly important to take care of how they look on the photograph. Men are undoubtedly drawn to big escorts’ eyes. London escorts have a tip here, it concerns the eye-shadows. It is better to use darker colours in the crease and the light ones on the brow bones. It is also helpful to curl the eye lashes.

Look perfect on your photos and attract everybody’s attention to your magic beauty! That is what escorts in Marylebone and other areas of London say.