Tie and Tease at Christmas

Christmas is the time when your most sacred wishes come true. And who can be better to realize all your erotic fantasies at Christmas than our Latin escorts? We have prepared a special Christmas selection of escorts who will be available for putting your love wishes into reality. What about tie and tease at Christmas? 

Christmas is the best time to arrange something special for you. Lilyfields escorts agency has taken care of their clients and created a special Christmas gallery of escorts who are ready to entertain you at the merry season.

If you want to engage in a tease game with an escort, you may also want to consider their nationality to get the service you want. It is said that it is the Latina escorts who are the best at these types of games, so why is that? Let’s take a look at the personality traits of a before exploring what a tease game with an escort actually is.

Blonde Latina Escorts for Christmas – What to Expect


It is not possible for a true Latina girl to be a natural blonde. However, many choose to change their hair colour to blonde regardless, because they understand how this will enhance not just their look but also their personality. One great example of how good a Latina with blonde hair looks is Beyonce, who, most will agree, is one of the hottest women on this planet. It is just a shame that she is not an escort.

Blondes are sexy, light and very approachable. They appear to be carefree and to bring in sunshine on a cloudy day. Additionally, blondes are old style glamorous, reminiscent of 1930s Hollywood. This is particularly true when they choose a golden or platinum shade all over. Clearly, this is quite a lot for an escort to live up to, something that she will certainly be able to do during tease games.

What Are Escort Tease Games – Tie and Tease?

Tie and tease is a practice that tantric escorts in particular often engage in. It means you, as the client, are tied up and generally blind folded. You will then be teased repeatedly, slowly but surely bringing you to the point of orgasm. At that point, however, your escort will stop until the build-up has been reduced again.

Usually, you will be stimulated again and again, but you will not be given any relief. A good escort will be able to vary how intensely she stimulates you, so that you are constantly in a state of extreme arousal. Sometimes, the urge to climax can become almost overwhelming. Depending on your wishes, your Christmas escort may eventually allow you to climax. The feeling will be incredibly intense, because you have gone through a period of extended simulation. However, others prefer to be denied orgasm completely, or to have their orgasm ruined. This feels incredibly frustrating, but can be wonderful if you have the knowledge that you will be able to climax properly at a later stage.

Spending Christmas night with a Latin escort may turn all your erotic dreams come true. Besides, you will never feel lonely and this Christmas will become the most memorable time of your life.