Business Trip to London & a Night Out with an Escort

There is always a sense of novelty when you do something for the first time. One of our clients has told us about his experience of a night out an escort at some of his corporate event in London. Being part of the opposition against escort services, he was pleasantly surprised by an escort girl he met and changed his opinion of them forever. 

Let me preface this story by stating that I have never had a problem getting dates. Serious relationships might have never been my area of expertise, but attracting women has always been a simple enough matter. A small smile, a bit of flirting, an offer to buy a drink or asking them out for lunch (much more effective and less threatening than dinner), these are tactics I have used with great success in the past. I was the last person who would normally consider hiring an escort for an evening.


The night I gave in occurred at the end of December, a couple of nights before Christmas. I had been sent on a last minute business trip to solidify the details of a merger between two London branches. It was boring work. There was a lot of paperwork to fill out, and many questions to be fielded by nervous members of the staff. By the end of it, all I wanted to do was go back to my hotel and forget the world over a drink and some telly.

However, one of the higher ups to who had been present for the proceedings, and who was my superior several tiers upward, had other plans. “We have been working hard, we should go and enjoy ourselves!” he announced to myself and a couple of the others. “You deserve it…my treat!”

What no one expected was what “my treat” entailed – a night out with escort, to be more exact four girls. Not only did he plan on taking us out for a lavish dinner and then a trendy club in the middle of the city, but he wanted there to be women along for the ride. He pulled out his mobile and contacted an agency he had on speed dial. Within an hour, four gorgeous women had arrived at the office to accompany us to our celebrations. A night out with an escort expected all of us.

At first, I was mortified. Hiring a woman to spend time with you? They were treating them as little more than objects! But it soon became clear that the ladies didn’t mind being there at all. In fact, they were pleasant, charming, and surprisingly proper. Each had obviously been on a number of such ‘dates’ in the past, and the brunette who stayed by the side of my boss seemed to have seen him in particular a number of times.

The black-haired girl who was my own companion for the evening, Charlotte, was a delight. Intelligent and witty, she kept my attention through dinner to the point where I barely noticed anyone else at the table. Then later at the club, she made me feel at ease, even though I have never been fond of that scene in the first place.

It was a night out with an escort, and it has completely changed my view on escorts. Charlotte, if you are out there, thank you for the wonderful night.