Therapeutic Dates

Escorts of Lilyfields are often booked by clients, so to say, to have somebody to talk to about their problems. And frankly speaking these therapeutic dates becomes more and more popular with London clients. The escort girls are very good at handling all the clients’ needs whether they are connected with listening-advising skills or a professionalism of a companion. 

I’ve been told I’m a very friendly, warm person. Certainly, I don’t see any point going around being miserable – quite the opposite. I always have a smile on my face and like to think I can “add” something to people’s day.


There’s nothing I like better than a glass of champers and a chat with an interesting companion, and I certainly meet many of them in my profession as a London escort. In fact, maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never had a client who has bored me to tears or who has ever been rude or inconsiderate. Then again, I believe in karma in that you get what you give. In other words if you’re a miserable type of person then there is no doubt that you will attract those types.

How do I give pleasure?

Well, there’s many ways that I think of to put a client at his ease and make sure he – or she, for that matter – leaves me feeling on top of the world. I’m particularly excellent at massages I’ve been repeatedly been told on therapeutic dates. I always insist on using the finest quality oils I can source and I make sure I spend lots of time with whoever I’m with. I don’t just massage my clients though; I’m also a very good listening ear. In fact, I often think that as an escort in London part of my skill set is being able to act as a therapist – the type who listens and just occasionally gives advice.

What my clients talk about

The clients who like to confide or offload do so about their work mainly, but also their other halves. Of course, they know that – like a therapist – what they tell me is completely confidential and that it will never go any further. That practically goes without saying, I’d have thought. But then, maybe we escorts should really sign a contract of confidentiality just like counsellors do?

The clients that do talk to me about their family lives aren’t complaining that their wives don’t understand them as you’d expect. But rather that they don’t really communicate anymore, that they’ve grown apart and that they know they’re just as much to blame as their other half is. Mostly, they say, it’s because their wives focus so much on their own careers, as well as their children that they have no time left for their partner. Well girls, that’s where we escorts come in I believe: to add a bit of compassion and understanding where none currently exists.