Escort’s Confession: A Personal Trainer

Escorts do fall in love and they have their own private lives too. Perhaps, they have the kind of a profession that is not easy to tell about to the beloved ones. Here is the continuation of the story where one of Lilyfields escorts is preparing to tell her partner all the truth about her job. 

Are you wondering what has happened to my new boyfriend and if I have told him yet what I really do?


As I wrote recently, I’ve met a guy I really like and rather than telling him I’m one of the Lilyfields London escorts, I’ve told him I’m a personal trainer. Sometimes personal trainers end up working in the escort industry because it’s an easy move to make. Personal trainers by default often have great bodies and those bodies are what are required by Lilyfields escorts in London.

Telling him I am a personal trainer (and it is not exactly untrue because I do carry out a bit of personal training for my escort colleagues from time to time) can explain my odd working hours and why I’m not available sometimes in the evenings.

But if I want to continue this relationship, I am going to have to confess all at some point.

I asked some of my colleagues what they do in this situation. Unbelievably, I have one colleague who has been in a relationship with a man for four years and he still doesn’t know. Another colleague says when she first told her partner, it caused a lot of arguments and they did briefly split up for a while but then he realised that he couldn’t be without her and they are happy enough now.

I’m going to have to bite the bullet and be brave very soon. So I’ve been running through imaginary ways I could start this conversation.

So, “I guess I need to tell you something really important…”

Or, “I’m going to tell you something. I want you to let me tell you about it and why I do it and can you do that without interrupting me?”

Or, “I really, really like you so I kind of misled you in the beginning about what I do for a living.”

Or – “Hey, I’m an escort.”

I’m favouring either line number three as I think it softens the blow, or perhaps line number four. Line number four is a bit like taking off a plaster – easier really to rip it off all at once.

This is not going to be easy, but even if it wasn’t for the fact that I really like this guy and I want to continue seeing him, the question of what I do for a living is bound to come up again. Perhaps in this relationship, perhaps in another one.

It’s time to be brave and confess!

Wish me luck!