Tattooed Escorts

To tattoo or not to tattoo… This is the question that women try to answer. Before visiting a tattoo saloon girls try to make a firm decision about whether to beautify their bodies or not. Most escorts have tattoos made because they want to attract a male attention. It is believed that men are fond of tattooed escorts. However, the recent survey of the male opinion about tattoos has shown rather controversial results.

Nowadays a lot of girls and escorts in particular like decorating their bodies with tattoos. But does this decoration make escorts more stylish and attractive? Alas, as numerous polls have shown, the attitude of men towards the tattooed escort ladies remains ambiguous and it is rather negative, than positive…

Only a few respondents answered that existence or absence of tattoos on the escorts’ bodies doesn’t bother them at all. For the majority of men a tattoo is associated with ladies of easy virtue, criminal records, and also feminism or lesbian orientation…

Some respondents consider that “tattoos” are suitable only for young escorts and escorts adventurous by nature. Besides, the tattoo has to suit the escorts. That means that it has to correspond to the style, behavior and the social status of the escort.

Another part of men declared that they treat tattooed escorts well and consider the tattoos exciting and sexual. But they would be rather against it if their girlfriend made it as it looks too provocative. Such a woman is capable to draw the attention of other “males”, and it isn’t very well for the girl who has stable relations.

A lot of men also told that the tattoo may be pleasant to them, but it depends on its size and place of the body. Nevertheless it is desirable to have a very small tattoo, and it is better to do it at the part of body which is invisible for strangers – for example, a nape, a clavicle, a shovel, a waist, a buttock or an anklebone.

Escorts quite often like to put tattoos on a shoulder, and a lot of men do not like it at all – they find such decoration “not feminine”. Thus the great part of respondents considers that it is admissible no more than one tattoo at the female body. The body studded with tattoos unambiguously causes alienation. Of course such escort lady attracts attention, but she does not evoke the desire to date and build the serious relations.

Why do escorts put tattoos on their pretty bodies? Tattoo is not just a desire to be attractive; it is the aspiration to self-expression and individuality. Also the tattoo can indicate the belonging to any community – for example, music fans. Single “tattoos”, for example, in the form of animals, can serve as talismans or amulets.

The tattooed symbols can specify that the escort is fond of occultism… But sometimes the tattoo appears casually – for example, the escort girl decides to do it for the ride with the friend. At the mature age it can hinder you very strongly. By the way we often gain the excess weight, skin becomes flabby and “tattoo” can look not in the best way.

The removal of such “decoration” is quite painful and expensive procedure. If you want to do a tattoo, it is better to choose a temporary option. Looking at your “tattoo”, you may understand that it doesn’t suit you, or just after some period of time you will feel that the stage of such “self-expression” in your life has come to an end.