St.Valentines Reminder

Here is St.Valentines reminder of one of Lilyfields escorts for all those men who might have forgotten about the approaching holiday of love. She shares her reminiscences of St. Valentine’s Day from her teen years, her attitude to it and the way she celebrates it now. Take pleasure in reading her romantic witty story!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching folks – as if you gentlemen out there did not know already; such is your desire to keep your lady friends sweet, I am sure. Well, even if you did not remember I am sure the advertisers out there will not let you forget!

Believe it or not as a bona fide London escort I do not exactly expect to be inundated with romantic gifts on this particular day of the year (I get bottles of perfume and lingerie the other 364 days of the year after all, thanks to all my lovely, regular clients). However I will still receive the odd card or two, and sometimes flowers or even a fluffy toy as well.

And you know what? I still love it! I turn into the lady me again as I run downstairs to see what the postman has brought every Friday 14. I only remember being disappointed once – at the age of 14 when I did not get a card from the boy I had fancied in school for nearly a year. Things turned out ok though ‘cos we ended up dating when we were 16 (and frankly ladies – no, he was not worth the wait!). Still, I learned the valuable lesson at a young age that sometimes our fantasies are better than the real thing…

But I digress. Getting back to Valentine’s Day, do ladies ever grow out of that adoration thing? I know I have not. And yes, there is something exciting about an individual lusting after you in secret, but I would much rather get to know my Prince (or Princess) Charming face to face. After all, that way I can return the amour if I feel that way inclined.

Actually the best Valentine’s gift I ever received was a couple of years ago when I was working as an escort in London. It involved a glass of bubbly and a bath filled with dried rose petals. After I had been soaped down and dried with a warm towel I was then invited to lay on some satin sheets where I was given a glorious all over body massage. It lasted an hour, involved Frankincense oils (my favourite) and knocked me right out to sleep then and there. I woke next morning totally refreshed and ready to kick ass. It was amazing how great I felt. “So that is how my clients feel the following day after they have been to see me,” I thought. Interesting!