North Korea and Geopolitical Tensions

Four Things to Do in London before North Korea Nukes It

With geopolitical tensions rising in Asia, sometimes it feels like we are returning to the days of the Cold War, when at any moment we could get blasted into smithereens. In August, North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un warned that the UK “faces a miserable end”, but most of us laughed it off as an empty threat. Read more

An Escort on iPhone

Ten Years since the Launch of the iPhone…

The speed of technological progress seems to increase every day, and when we look back to the way we worked and played just a few years ago, it seems amazing how much has changed. Did you know that this month marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone? Read more

Romantic Weekend in London

The Perfect Romantic Weekend with a Latin escort in London

Latin escorts are some of the most passionate in London, and are therefore perfect for occasions when you are in the mood for lust. But they are also known for their romantic and sweet natures, and they enjoy tender moments of companionship too. Have you considered meeting a Latin lady from Lilyfields for a whole weekend? Read more

Overnight Lilyields Escorts

No Early Mornings for Overnight Escorts

Escorts job has one great advantage for those girls who hate early mornings. As this job has a flexible schedule which gives a wonderful opportunity to all ladies to enjoy their lives and mornings! According to a scientific research of the UK Sociological Centre there are more people who prefer late hours to early alarm sounds. And it’s no wonder…  Read more

Time for Erotica with Lilyields Escorts

Erotica by Escorts

Most of us are enjoy erotic readings. We have made up a list of erotic books worth reading. We included 50 Shades of Grey, Fear of Flying by Erica Jong, and even Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin. What are your favourite erotica romances and do you agree with ours?  Read more

I am an escort

Escort’s Confession: I Love What I Do

We would like to share with you life experience of one of our escorts who is telling the guy she loves about her profession in escorting and confessing him an escort loves what she does. Can you guess the reaction of this lucky guy?  Read more

Lilyfields Escort Is About to Confess

Escort’s Confession: A Personal Trainer

Escorts do fall in love and they have their own private lives too. Perhaps, they have the kind of a profession that is not easy to tell about to the beloved ones. Here is the continuation of the story where one of Lilyfields escorts is preparing to tell her partner all the truth about her job.  Read more

An Escort in a Relationship Wants to Confess

Escort’s Confession: In a Relationship

Escorts of Lilyfields have their own secrets and often their private life is kept far from public eye. But today one of our girls has something to share with her readers. She is in a relationship and she is ready to make a confession! You will learn about it if you continue reading…  Read more

Adventurous Escorts of Lilyfields - Kelly, Valentina, Alex

Adventurous Girls

Adventurous girls are the females who are really unpredictable and are not easy to be guessed, that’s what makes them attractive for our clients. But are there any things to be expected from adventurous escorts? Here are some secrets to be shared 😉  Read more

Values of Lilyfields Escorts

Escorts Values

We are proud to admit that all the girls that work at Lilyfields have their share of good deeds and intentions – escorts values. And it is great to know that there are other people, besides rich celebrities, who care about the people who need help. We are glad to share the post of our escort’s values.  Read more

Bisexual Escorts for Female and Male Clients

Female and Male Clients of Escorts

It is a common misconception that females don’t resort to escorts’ service – Lilyfields escorts are often booked by women. Escorts who render services both for men and women are called bisexual. These girls have a special approach to their female and male clients because they have different aims and expectations from the service. What exactly differs male and female clients?  Read more

Work as an Escort

Work As an Escort

The time you become an escort, your life changes. And it is not just your way of life, salary, acquaintances that become different. Sometimes you have to cope with really complex situations like telling people about your occupation. Of course, it’s up to you whether reveal that you work as an escort or not but the decision should be thought over.  Read more

Escorts and Tattoos

Escorts Tattoos

Body adornments have always been an issue for arguments. Tattoos are a brave decision to make especially for women. A young spirit always tempts us for adventures and experiments but as we become older some of our ardour fade and change. What about escorts tattoos? Is it something that will always be among our likes? Learn what escorts of Lilyfields think of it.  Read more

The Circuit of a London Escort - Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester

London Escorts Circuit

There are a lot of so-called ‘rituals’ that most London escorts follow every year, most of them are connected with keeping contacts with clients. The escorts circuit is one of such ‘rituals’ that presupposes visiting different UK cities where they meet up with their clients. Escorts should have their clientele coming from different places in order to ensure their regular yearly profits.  Read more

Escorts Shedule

London escorts have really busy schedules during the year. However, none of the escorts can complain about their work, just on the contrary, they are happy to be preoccupied with their everyday tasks and accomplishments and many of them confess they couldn’t imagine that it would be so engaging! Here is a yearly escorts schedule  – enjoy!  Read more

Mature Escorts

Age is never a boundary especially when it concerns London escorts. Dutch sociologists have proved the fact that mature women can be more popular with men than young girls. There are a lot of reasons for choosing a mature escort: experience, love of intimacy, lack of unnecessary emotions. Mature London escorts can be a good choice for a change.

Read more

Escorts Profession

There are plenty of different attitudes to escorts profession, the attitude of onlookers and those who work in the industry. Both the opinions are roughly divided into positive and negative ones regardless of whether these people work in the business or not. Here are the thoughts of a lady who has been working in the industry of companionship business for more than 10 years. Read more

Popularity of Polish Women in London

Polish community has become the second largest community in the UK. The flow of the Polish to Britain began long ago and it seems that it has reached its pick recently. Most escort agencies hire Polish girls to provide escorts services. And it is not because there is a great number of Polish men living in the UK but also because Polish women are the most beautiful of Eastern European representatives.

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Tattooed Escorts

To tattoo or not to tattoo… This is the question that women try to answer. Before visiting a tattoo saloon girls try to make a firm decision about whether to beautify their bodies or not. Most escorts have tattoos made because they want to attract a male attention. It is believed that men are fond of tattooed escorts. However, the recent survey of the male opinion about tattoos has shown rather controversial results.

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International Escorts Travelling

Most modern escort agencies offer their clients services of international escorts. These girls accompany their clients to important events or holidays abroad. These outcall female companions can travel together with clients or join them at their place. What means do international escorts travelling prefer? And Why?

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Pierced Escorts

Piercing became one of the ways to beautify one’s body long time ago. Most of us have already made our opinion of piercing. Some people hold the view that piercing is unnatural and ugly, they hate it when any kind of metal is seen on the body. Others consider piercing a body art and are happy to make their bodies a piece of artwork. Also they are ready to enjoy it on a woman. Do men choose escorts with piercing when they apply to escort agencies? Do men prefer an escort girl be pierced?

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Escorts of 2013

There are a lot of girls who are dreaming to know the real truth of what attracts men. Lilyfields has carried out a survey of what escorts of 2013 should be to be noticed by them. We are listing the results of our survey in the article. Take your time to find out what image will conquer a man’s heart in the year of 2013.

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Escorting in London

Escorting in London has become a very popular business in UK. The demand for companionship services is growing each day. There are a lot of clients that apply for the help of UK escorts’ agencies most of whom are business men and respectable officials. The service that UK escorts’ agencies provide are reliable, professional and trustworthy. The escorts that work at the agencies of UK are not only attractive but also intelligent and have perfect communication skills.

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To Be an Escort

Escorts are the females who will always be a perfect example for all the women to follow. Every escort seems to have her own secret of how to be successful and popular with men. However it is impossible to tell the story of every escort girl. That is why there is a scope of escorts tips united with one topic – how to be an escort.

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Escorts Photos

Quality photos are very important for escorts’ agencies as they demonstrate the beauty of the girls that work there. Lilyfields has a set of helpful tips for females that will make their photos look really attractive. Latin escorts advise on the best poses, make-up and tricks. Any woman would find this info useful.

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Twitter Romance

Social networking sites are the way to new acquaintances and romances. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular ones which have gained millions of users and have joined the hearts of good people. Twitter romances are very popular even famous actors and actresses make use of these social means to flirt and start romantic relationships.

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Become an Escort

In this era when it has become so difficult to make both ends meet, individuals, especially females are looking for some easy ways to earn quick money. They want to get affluent as soon as they can and that is why are getting drawn towards conventionally disregarded but prolific profession of offering escort services.

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Elegant Women

Elegance… Only smart women can afford this luxury, those who do not seek fashion but want to create their own image. Of course, it is not an easy task to do. It is necessary to understand what elegance is and what are some universal methods to achieve it. There are a lot of really elegant escorts at Lilyfields agency and they would be glad to help other women to look elegant too.

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Female Manicure

When a man wants to get acquainted with an escort, he should take all her image into consideration because every detail of it can help make a choice. Footwear, clothes, make-up, hair and of course manicure. So the article reveals some secrets of the dependence of manicure and nail forms on a female personality.

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Men Choosing Perfume for Escorts

One of the best presents for women is perfume. So men should be well aware of some common ideas of choosing perfume for their beloved escorts in order to be able to surprise and please them. There are two main points about it: hair colour and character. It is up to a man to choose which of the idea to be guided by.

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International Companionship: Escorts’ Business in China

At present international companionship is very popular, the services of escorts are required by men of different statuses and societies. However as any business escorts industry face a number of barriers in its development. Every country has its own rules that regulate the life of people. These rules impact the way we live. Escorts services in China came to the point of a dilemma. There are both positive and negative sides of its development.

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Today’s Girls on a Contemporary Female Image

What is a portrait of today’s girls like? What are her ideals and preferences in life? These questions have the right foe existence as every year, every month, every day and even minute of our life changes it bringing new and unknown into it. Present-day escorts also modify their image under the influence of this wind of change and acquire new looks and a different inside world.

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