Latin Dance in London

Latin Dance Starts a Romance

With Strictly Come Dancing soon to be on our screens again, many of us will think again about learning a new dance routine. The Latin countries are famous for their erotic and passionate forms of dancing, and if you are looking to learn a style, chances are that style will be from the Latin world! Read more

North Korea and Geopolitical Tensions

Four Things to Do in London before North Korea Nukes It

With geopolitical tensions rising in Asia, sometimes it feels like we are returning to the days of the Cold War, when at any moment we could get blasted into smithereens. In August, North Korean despot Kim Jong-Un warned that the UK “faces a miserable end”, but most of us laughed it off as an empty threat. Read more

Escort Dinner Date

Are Insect Burgers an Acceptable Meal on an Escort Dinner Date?

Today we read the creepy news that a Swiss supermarket will soon be selling insect burgers in their outlets. The burgers will be made from mealworms chopped up with rice, turnip, celery and leeks, with a seasoning of oregano and chilli. Read more

Summer Pleasure in London with Latin Girls in Bikinis

Latin Stunners and Their Summer Bikinis That Will Turn You On

The bikini was invented in 1946 by Parisian fashion designer Louis Réard. Reard had noticed on his summer trips to the beaches of St. Tropez that female bathers were rolling up the edges of their swimsuits tomidriff exposed. Read more

Spring with Lilyfields

Why Latin Escorts Are Best for Spring Adventures

With spring just days away, it will soon be time to enjoy the coming of a new season, and a new start to the year. Did you know that until 500 years ago, New Year was traditionally celebrated at the start of Spring? Read more

Modern Escorts Business in London

Nuances of Escorts Business in London

London is considered as one of the most cosmopolitan hubs that the entire globe can boast of. The city therefore experiences varied foreigners on different ventures with most of them on exploration trips to the destination. Read more

St. Valentine's Day with a London Escort

Romantic Spots to Celebrate LOVE in London

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thoughts naturally turn to appreciating relationships and romance. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship right now, the romantic spots below are just the place to take that special someone. Read more

Bank Bonuses with Latin Escorts of Lilyfields

How to Spend Your Banker Bonus?

For most of us, going back to work after the Christmas break is a sad time, as the festive season is over, and the reality of the long boring London winter becomes clear. One group of London workers however, walk back into the office with a spring in their step. Read more

Lilyfields Wishing Happy New Year

Where to Go with a Latin Girl on New Year’s Eve

The year 2016 is almost at end, and we hope 2017 is going to be a good one for all of you. They say that you should start the incoming year as you mean it to continue, so lovers of Latin ladies would be best advised to see in the New Year in the company of a sexy chica. Read more

A Latin Girl on Christmas Eve

Stay Up All Night on Christmas Eve!

What are your plans for Christmas Eve? If you are at a loose end and want to spend it with a sexy lady who will make you feel like a million dollars, why not meet one of our Lilyfield’s London escorts? Our girls are the very best Latin companions in London, and with their passionate natures, sunny personalities and gorgeous looks, they are the perfect Christmas Eve partners. Read more

Advent Calendar 2016 with Lilyfields

Things to Do with a London Escort This Advent

With December knocking on the door, it will soon be time to crack open that advent calendar and start eating your way to the big bit of chocolate reserved for the 25th. If you are celebrating an early Christmas bonus, or are just in the mood for some Latin passion, then we suggest you make the most of this year’s advent by going for a date with one of our sexy escort babes. Read more

Romantic Weekend in London

The Perfect Romantic Weekend with a Latin escort in London

Latin escorts are some of the most passionate in London, and are therefore perfect for occasions when you are in the mood for lust. But they are also known for their romantic and sweet natures, and they enjoy tender moments of companionship too. Have you considered meeting a Latin lady from Lilyfields for a whole weekend? Read more

Top Cuisines of Latin Girls in London

Top Cuisines of Latin Girls and The Best London Haunts to Enjoy Them

What sets Latin escorts apart from most other kinds of escorts in London today, is their commitment to enjoying life and all its luxuries and delicacies. Many men frequently complain that it is hard to take escorts out for dinner, as so many of them seem to be on a weird diet. You will rarely find this problem with Latin escorts, as they have a healthy and mature attitude to food. Read more

Coolest Pubs in London

Coolest London Pubs

For us, the second best way to spend time, is by relaxing in a cool pub. The first best thing, of course, is to spend it relaxing in a cool pub with some charming female company, enjoying some chilled down time. Read more

Cinema with Escorts

What’s on at the Cinema This Week?

Many gentlemen contact us and ask for a Latin escort companion to be their date for a trip to the cinema. We think this is a lovely idea for a meeting with one of our ladies, as there is something rather sweet and romantic about going to the movies with a girl for a first date. Read more

Latin Girls Preferences in Music

Don’t Stop the Music

Our Latin girls love to dance and love to listen to music. Whether they are at home, in a club or out and about, they like nothing better than to have some cool sounds available to improve the ambience of their lives. The right and appropriate music can make romance more sparkling, work more productive and exercise more fun. Read more

5 Reasons to Choose Latin Ladies

5 Reasons to Choose a Latin Escort

With so many kinds of escorts to choose from, London is truly a Mecca for the escorting connoisseur. From blondes to brunettes, from English roses to Slavic beauties, the capital of the UK has something for everyone. However, we here at Lilyfields get to meet girls from all across the world everyday, and we can say for sure that Latin escorts have a certain something that others simply don’t have. Read more

London attractions with Latin escorts

To-Do List: London This Week

London always has something exciting going on. Here are some ideas for activities you can enjoy in London this week. As is usually the case when it comes to thrilling adventures, each of these experiences are best enjoyed with one of our Latin escorts.  Read more

London Weekend with Latin Escorts of Lilyfields

What Can Two Adults Get up to in London This Weekend?

With the British summer finally giving us some warmer weather, we should take the opportunity to use the London weekend to get out and about, and visit some of London’s best attractions. We all know the family-friendly haunts, but where can two consenting adults go to enjoy some more X-rated and sensuous fun?  Read more

An Escort from Willesden Junction

Willesden Junction Diverse Culture and Cuisine

Willesden Junction is an exciting and vibrant part of London, with some of the most diverse culture and cuisine in the capital. And if you visit this part of town in the company of one of our sexy Willesden Junction escorts, you can expect to enjoy a truly thrilling adventure!   Read more

Champagne Dates

Champagne Dates with Escorts

There’re a lot of things that Lilyfields escorts are fond of doing in a company of their clients. And something they will never miss is a couple of glasses of champagne. All the girls of the agency are drink conscious and they never overdo with alcohol. And what can be more pleasant than a couple of glasses of champagne or wine with a real gentleman?  Read more

An Escort for Birthday

An Escort for Birthday

There is always a dilemma for Lilyfields clients what category to check first for booking an escort. The rich choice of escorts presented on the site sometimes makes it difficult for our clients to choose an escort for birthday. Moreover, this choice becomes even more complicated when they visit all the categories and become spelled by the girls presented there – busty, blonde, couples, etc. Here is a birthday story in a company of an adventurous escort.  Read more

Threesome-Type Scenario

Threesome-Type Scenario

Lilyfields escorts have the life full of adventures, they meet new people every day and these acquaintances bring them lots of fun and new experiences. Recently one of our girls has travelled to Manchester and made friends with Sarah Louise, a beautiful blonde girl who happened to have an adventurous boyfriend David and was eager to have fun in a threesome-type scenario.  Read more

Therapeutic Dates

Therapeutic Dates

Escorts of Lilyfields are often booked by clients, so to say, to have somebody to talk to about their problems. And frankly speaking these therapeutic dates becomes more and more popular with London clients. The escort girls are very good at handling all the clients’ needs whether they are connected with listening-advising skills or a professionalism of a companion.  Read more

First-Time Clients of a Lilyfields Escort

First-Time Clients of an Escort

Lilyfields agency takes care of its escort girls and ensures them the best first-time experience of companionship services in London. Every girl coming to the agency is guaranteed safety because every client of the agency is a certain kind who has the right opinion of companionship services and escorts’ job.  Read more

A Date with a Beautiful Escort

A Date with a Beautiful Escort in London

Have you ever dreamt of a date with a beautiful escort without any further obligations? Lilyfields escorts’ agency can offer you this unforgettable experience. The agency employs a great number of true beautiful girls who are happy to share with you their beauty and invite you for a date of a life time!  Read more

Improving your Intimate Life

Make Your Intimate Life Better

Do you still wonder how to make your intimate life diverse? You are lucky to come across this post. We are happy to share our ideas of making your sex life really enjoyable and bright for you. There are certain ingredients for a happy intimate life that are indispensable – they are our charming girls!  Read more

Online Booking Escorts at Lilyfields

Lilyfields London Escorts Guide to Booking for the First Time

Lilyfields has an influx of new clients every month. New comers of the agency often feel quite shy and indecisive when they book an escort for the first time. It happens because they do not what to expect at their first meeting and regardless the service they order, new clients are the ones who are always in doubts.  Read more

Flowers for Escorts of Lilyfields

Should You Buy Flowers for Escorts?

Well, this question should be rhetorical… Flowers for escorts is a-matter-of-fact thing and real gentlemen would never consider it as a puzzle. Escorts of Lilyfields adore flowers and when they are presented with a bouquet, they blossom! So if a man wants to create the special atmosphere of excitement and delight at a meeting with an escort, he needs to think of buying flowers for escorts 😉  Read more

Lilyfields Spring Gallery

Escorts in London Welcome Spring!

Spring is the best time to enjoy a female beauty which begins blossoming together with spring flowers. What can you do with a beautiful Lilyfields escort in spring? There are a lot of things to take pleasure with a charming Latin escort on hand. London opens numerous opportunities to spend a marvellous time – evening strolls, chatting in a cafe, dining in a restaurant, taking sports like tennis or horse-riding.  Read more

Tour Eiffel

St. Valentine’s Day in Paris

No doubt the most romantic date of all times one can have only in Paris. This city is still the most ideal place to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day. We would like to advise you on some possible scenarios for St. Valentine’s day in Paris that will give you lots of pleasant memories and emotions. Keep reading further and get our creative ideas for your Day of Love.  Read more

Latina Girls on Lilyfields Fashion Cover

Latina Appeal

Most of Liyfields escorts are Latin-originated. Is this an advantage or a disadvantage for an escort’s profession? There are a few points to discuss about Latina females, Latina appeal and their interest to British men. Join in!  Read more

A Date on the 1st of January in London

Put a new beginning to your life in the coming year. New Year is by far the best way to change one’s life, bring novelty in it and become happier. If one is lonely in their life it is the time to break up with this loneliness mate and find a life partner. Why not appointing your first date on the 1st of January? We at Lilyfields has decided to help one with the list romantic places in London for the 1st of January.  Read more

Bisexual Escorts for Female and Male Clients

Female and Male Clients of Escorts

It is a common misconception that females don’t resort to escorts’ service – Lilyfields escorts are often booked by women. Escorts who render services both for men and women are called bisexual. These girls have a special approach to their female and male clients because they have different aims and expectations from the service. What exactly differs male and female clients?  Read more

Nightlife and Escorts Services

London Escorts at Night

It is difficult to imagine nightlife without escorts. London being one of the most entertaining capitals of Europe has a great choice of escorts at night. Companionship services of London are not only the way to have fun and passion but also a chance for different men to find a suitable female companion for any type of occasion.  Read more

Conversation Dates

Conversation Part of Dates

Most London escorts are used to the thing that every booking they take is different from one another and the purpose of a date with a client is determined by them. It is a well-known fact that escorts are often booked not for ‘actions’ but for a simple conversation. These kinds of conversation dates are quite frequent for Lilyfields agency. It proves that the agency’s escorts have not only beautiful appearance but also remarkable personalities.  Read more

A man and an escort holding hands on a cafe date

The Scottish Meet-up: A Date at a Cafe

“The Scottish Meet Up” story is becoming more feelings involved! Sophia meets Tom on a cafe date in London. There is no doubt that there is something more than a mere infatuation on both sides. Sometimes our feelings are so strong that we can hardly control the situation. Sophia seems to be out of control…  Read more

Escort on the Phone

The Scottish Meet-up: A Persistent Phone Call

Lilyfields escorts have strong personalities and sometimes it is difficult to convince them of doing something they don’t want. However, if there is a moment of hesitation from their side, there is a hope they will be convinced. Here is how one client’s phone call made one of our escort girls agree to have a personal romantic date. Actually, this is the continuation of our story “The Scottish Meet Up”.  Read more

Phone Number Dilemma of an Escort

The Scottish Meet-up: Phone Number Dilemma Solved

The phone call… Have you ever thought that a single phone call can change your life once and forever? No? Here is a continuation of our story ‘The Scottish Meet Up’ where one of our escorts having a walking holiday made an acquaintance with a handsome man. She tricked on him giving her wrong phone number but his feelings for her were so strong that a phone number dilemma didn’t stop him to find her in London!  Read more

An Escort Meeting a Man

The Scottish Meet Up: Meeting Him

And she is back! Our escort has returned from her walking holidays in Scotland and brought the continuation of her adventures meeting a man of her dreams. Her captivating story is something that deserves your attention and time to read. This is the best proof that Lilyfields escorts cannot be unnoticed wherever they go. Their bright personalities are worth being admired!  Read more

Summer in London

The Scottish Meet Up: Summer in London

Summer is the best time to have a rest after a long year of hard work. In summer most people head to their favourite holidays destinations. London escorts also have their top hols spots which they visit whenever they have time. What is remarkable here is that escorts are free to choose any time of the year for their rest because they are not tied to the working shifts. Summer in London has finally settled and Londoners became full of enthusiasm and optimism about the weather and the approaching rest.  Read more

GFE - Girlfriend Experienced

Girlfriend Experience Explained

Getting on friendly terms with GFE services may involve some kind of a research. We have decided to make it easier for our clients to learn about GFE as much as possible. We continue explaining the subtleties of girlfriend experience and making this service more familiar with those who feels in need of using it.  Read more

What Is GFE?

GFE… There will be a lot of clients who will wonder what these three letters stand for. So we are ready to uncover the mystery of this triple right here and right now. Girlfriend experience is what’s hidden behind the secret letters. However, they don’t say much about the service they are used to explain, to get to the core of it keep on reading…  Read more

Part 2: A Story with a Mother

Here is a thrilling continuation of ‘A Story with a Mother’ where one of our escort girls tells us about the adventure of her rendering services  for couples and how it turned into time spending with a mother…  Read more

Part 3: A Story with a Mother

After a while our escort got a phone call from Alicia, which puzzled her at first. In the course of their talk it turned out that Alicia was interested in booking our escort for business, which intrigued our escort girl and she accepted the invitation. Next day she told us a story that made us really proud of her.  Read more

Escort Chocolate Lover

Escorts Chocolate Lovers

Most of girls have a sweet tooth, escorts of Lilyfields are not an exception and are great chocolate lovers. Chocolate is the most popular dainties with girls. It is not only the way to delight one’s sweet desires but also show the traits of your personality. They say that people who eat chocolate regularly are very friendly and easy going. London escorts are the best example of this fact. Read our chocolate story and make sure…  Read more

Part 1: A Story with a Mother

Escorts profession is often unpredictable; we mean that girls accidentally take part in the life plots with real characters like mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc. And they are always ready to play this or that role depending on the situation they find themselves in. Here is a story featuring an accidentally appeared mother…  Read more

An Escort for an Ideal Date

How to Choose an Escort for a Date?

How to choose an escort for a date? Escort agencies or individual escorts? How to avoid being deceived? These questions worry all those who book escort services for the first time. Lilyfields agency lists its must-follow tips for beginners in the worlds of escorts business. These tips will help any person arrange a marvelous date with one of London escorts.  Read more

Escorts Kiss Services

Do Escorts Kiss?

When going on the first date with a London escort, most men ask a question – ‘do actually escorts kiss?’. This question is a matter of not only curiosity but also a type of service that escorts provide or not. Unlike Vivian, a world famous call girl from “Pretty Woman”, whose principle was not to kiss a client, escorts of Lilyfields agency include kissing in their services.  Read more

My Girlfriend Is an Escort

Escorts are charming and very beautiful women and there is nothing surprising that lots of their clients fall in love with them offering a permanent relationship. Can an escort be one’s girlfriend? Let’s consider all the pros and cons of having the most attractive escort girlfriend.  Read more