Gifts – Giving and Receiving

It is no wonder all people love getting presents. It is even more pleasant to get the present you desire. London escorts are the ones that can boast of being gifted a lot and often and in most cases these are the ‘right’ gifts that are really wanted and needed. One of Lilyfields girls has agreed to publicly share recent gifts for escorts from her devoted clients. 

One thing I love about working as an escort in London is the rapport it’s possible to build up with a regular – and favourite – client. After seeing the same client for nigh on three years or more that client becomes like an old friend in the sense I always look forward to seeing them and I’m keen to learn what they’ve been up to in the months preceding our meet up.


Because of the type of client I meet in this business (i.e. wealthy and workaholic) they tend to have been up to some pretty intense bouts of non-stop working – usually abroad – so it’s always interesting to learn about the countries they’ve been to (when they’ve had a chance to switch off). The good news is that they often bring me a little present back with them. For instance one of my clients – let’s call him Mr Goodwill – has just been to Singapore and has returned with the most gorgeous bright red soft silk Kimono for yours truly. It really is a joy to wear and clings to every curve as if it never wants to let go (and neither does Mr Goodwill for that matter – but that’s another story).

I think the best gifts for escorts ever received from a client while working as a London escort (and possibly the most thoughtful present, too) was from a commodity broker I’d seen a couple of times who asked me to accompany him on a long weekend trip to Milan. I love all of Italy and jumped at the chance to be by his side on the trip. One of the days we went shopping and I spotted a gorgeous pair of six inch pink heels in one of the designer stores. I stared at them for a bit then was shaken out of my reverie when he came up behind me and insisted it was time for lunch.

Reluctantly I accompanied him but wondered if I should go back for the heels (when you can’t stop thinking about a pair of shoes well, you just have to buy them I reckon). However, I never got the chance to revisit the shop because that evening in the hotel room just as we were dressing to go out he presented me with a box and a smile. And guess what was in there? Yep, somehow he’d managed to sneak out when we got back to the hotel and buy those pink babies for me! Boy did we have a great time that night!