Escorts in the Spotlight

We decided to cast some light on Lilyfields spotlight escorts in the post because there a lot of clients that ask what ‘a spotlight escort’ is and we feel that it is time to clear everything out. All the escort girls of the agency are unique and worth booking for hours. However, there are certain companions who are so distinguished in their group (blonde, busty or brunette) that need to be given a special attention. 

In the spotlight this week… if you visit our Lilyfields website on a regular basis, you will know that it often features a spotlight on a particular escort.

Perhaps you wonder to yourself – how come? Why pick one particular London escort, when there are so many lovely ladies to choose from? And also, are some girls more popular than others?


My agency prides itself in choosing the best escorts in London – and only the best, so it is a good point to ask. If you pick me or one of my colleagues, you are guaranteed a great date – whether that’s a dinner date, accompaniment to an event or a companion for the evening. We are all skilled in the art of conversation and we are used to all kinds of events so we will fit in perfectly with whatever you have in mind.

And then there are our looks. People sometimes suspect that one agency could not possibly have so many beautiful girls on its books. Well, they can and they do! The photos on our website are 100 percent genuine – they are not touched up, and they are not old pictures. Clients won’t get a surprise when they book one of us and discover the escort in question looks rather different from the picture on the website.

Anyway, back to the spotlight. As I say Lilyfield London escorts such as ourselves are very popular. When one client books a particular client he often likes to do repeat business with her, which is great of course. But it can mean one girl can get really, really busy.

So the idea of the spotlight is to remind clients that actually all the girls at this agency are actually incredibly beautiful. And of course, from time to time, new escorts join the books so clients need to be notified of a new girl.

Perhaps the new escort will really appeal to them. She might be, for example, a beautiful blonde like Angelina and there are many gentlemen who certainly prefer blondes. Or she might be a dusky brunette such as Sheila, and a client’s preference might favour the darker-haired lovelies amongst us.

We do of course cater for all tastes – we have busty escorts, adventurous escorts and blonde escorts. We have petite girls, we have curvy girls and we have girls of many different nationalities and preferences. You are sure to find one who suits – but in the meantime, remember to keep your eye on spotlight of the week!