Conversation Part of Dates

Most London escorts are used to the thing that every booking they take is different from one another and the purpose of a date with a client is determined by them. It is a well-known fact that escorts are often booked not for ‘actions’ but for a simple conversation. These kinds of conversation dates are quite frequent for Lilyfields agency. It proves that the agency’s escorts have not only beautiful appearance but also remarkable personalities. 

“How do you always manage to find such interesting things to talk about?” One of my regular clients asked me that the other day. In fact he said to me that is one of the main reasons he books me so regularly – my fascinating chat outweighs my physical charms – and those charms are not inconsiderable, believe me.

It’s true, I love conversation and I have some really memorable times talking with my clients on conversation dates. I like finding out about their jobs and their lives – only if they want to tell me of course. And sometimes people just don’t want to chat. They would rather… well, in the words of the famous Elvis song, A Little Less Conversation and A Little More Action Please…


But back to the chat and my fascinating conversations. Escorts in London are often well travelled and I am no exception to this rule. I wasn’t born in this country; I was born elsewhere so my conversations also include stories of my travels – cities I have lived in, what I have liked about different countries and what I see as the main variations between nations. Are the Americans all super loud, for instance (no they aren’t) and do the Germans lack a sense of humour (absolutely not, I have found).

As many of my conversation dates with clients often involve cultural activities, that too adds to my conversation repertoire. I am usually up to date with latest West end plays, opera productions, orchestra performances and the Royal Ballet. If it’s on in London, chances are I will have seen it and I can give my view. Again, discussing different cultural performances is very satisfying to me.

I am something of a film buff. A few years ago I was approached by a film director and asked if I would like to take part in a movie he was filming in London. Unfortunately, I could not manage the time commitment, but I wonder from time to time what might have happened if I had said yes. Anyway, I still love watching films and I make sure that I visit at least one film festival a year. Cannes is an old favourite of mine, but I also like the smaller festivals as it gives one the opportunity to see all kinds of art house films. Films in my own language are always a bonus find.

So you can see why I always have plenty to talk about. Travel, the arts and I’m always happy to ask plenty of questions about YOU. Do you think there are many London escorts who could say the same thing?