Escorts Tattoos

Body adornments have always been an issue for arguments. Tattoos are a brave decision to make especially for women. A young spirit always tempts us for adventures and experiments but as we become older some of our ardour fade and change. What about escorts tattoos? Is it something that will always be among our likes? Learn what escorts of Lilyfields think of it. 

How many do you have? And do you like to show them off or prefer them to be more of a surprise to whoever is lucky enough to be unveiling them at the time? I’m talking escorts tattoos here of course. Everyone has their opinion on these rather controversial works of body art. Some folks at Lilyfields’ escorts in London think they’re a bit unfeminine and downright ugly while others believe a well-placed red rose tattoo or butterfly can be the sexiest thing this side of the Suez.


You should see my friend Ange’s new tattoo though. It’s half the size of her back and is some sort off abstract design she and the guy in the tattoo parlour spent ages designing. I’ve seen the drawing (but not the tattoo – it’s only half completed) and it looks stunning. It’s going to look incredible with a little black backless dress and I kind of envy her bravery in going ahead and getting it. She says it will take about 20 hours in total to complete (she goes for three hour sessions at a time – there’s a lot of colouring-in involved, you see).

Her tattoo palaver meant we couldn’t go to Champney’s spa as usual this month (it’s bad to immerse the tattoo in water where there are potential chemicals within a couple of weeks of work). Or at least we didn’t go together. I still went ‘cos I find I need that weekend of total relaxation every now and again to keep me going with the fast pace of life in London. Here at Lilyfields we are especially busy right now. Not sure why actually. I don’t know if it’s because there are more tourists in the city right now or because word of our escorting brilliance is getting around. Who cares? The main thing is we’re hot right now!

And talking of which, apparently there are a few special boxes reserved for us at some of the up-and-coming events. I’m very glad about this since it’s always nice to get a close up view of some of those amazingly tanned and perfectly sculpted bodies you always get at these types of sporting events. And then there are the athletes…