Spooky Stories, Spiders, Candles on a Halloween Date with an Escort in London

October is almost finished, and that can mean only one thing – it’s Halloween 2018 time! Our Brazilian escorts absolutely love this festival, as it lets them dress up in a fancy costume, let their hair down, and explore everything supernatural.

If you are a hardcore Halloween fan, and want some passionate and fun-loving company, then book one of our escorts in London and enjoy the following events which will take place in London this 31st October.

The Tower of London Twilight Tour

One of London’s best-known tourist attractions, this 900-year old fortress on the river Thames has so much history behind it – and most of it is gruesome! Why not see for yourself, by going on a Twilight tour of the Tower with one of our sexy Latin escorts? You can keep each other warm as you are led around the real-life sites of some of England’s darkest episodes. Your elegant London companion will hold you tightly as you visit Traitors’ Gate, the Scaffold Site and the Bloody Tower and hear the bloody tales of these ghoulish places.

Together you will stand on the very spot where Ann Boleyn lost her head. It is said that her ghost still haunts the White Tower, and many have reported seeing Boleyn, holding her severed head underneath her arm. Then you will learn about the tragic story of the two young princes, whose ghosts are still often seen around the castle – holding each other and weeping in despair. A trip to the Tower of London is a very emotional experience, and you and your Latin escort will want to console each other afterwards back in your hotel room.

Visit the London Dungeon

London Dungeon on the Southbank is one of the capital’s best-loved visitor attractions and is essentially a theme park for horror fans. Here you can enjoy London’s dark history in a fun and interactive way, making it a great idea for a Halloween date with a Latin escort. You and your companion can experience a terrifying Traitor’s Boat Ride, where Henry VIII himself will sentence you to death, alongside Ann Boleyn, and you will journey with her along the Thames to the Tower.

But that’s not all. Down in the London Dungeons you can help Guy Fawkes blow up the Houses of Parliament (quite tempting these days, what with Brexit), as well as explore a Torture Chamber, escape the Great Fire, and hide from Jack the Ripper.

Take a London Ghost Tour

London is blessed with so much gory history that there are hundreds of walking ghost tours available. All of these are fun and are the perfect way to kick-off an atmospheric date with a London escort. However, a few of them are highly recommended. The Tales of Plague tour explores the horrific time the Black Death came to town, as well as the 1665 epidemic which saw 100,000 people killed by the Great Plague – which was only ended by the 1666 Great Fire.

This two-hour walking tour guides you and your companion past plague pits, ancient streets and other historical locations. Meanwhile, Hampton Court Palace in the outskirts of the capital is always good for a visit, but the Ghost Hunt tour will show a different side to this beautiful country home, with stories of spooky apparitions and paranormal activity.

Visit one of London’s spooky Cemeteries

London has some of the creepiest and most atmospheric cemeteries in the world, and one of them is the scariest of them all – Highgate in North London. This is where Karl Marx, Douglas Adams and Malcolm McLaren are buried. It is also rumoured to have its own vampire. Dare you venture inside on the 31st?

We can’t guarantee that any of our Latin girls will be brave enough to join you, but the day after is the important Day of the Dead in the Catholic calendar, and Highgate will stage a moving ceremony to honour those who have passed to the other side. Why not check it out in the company of one of our Latin London escorts?

Sink a paranormal pint in one of London’s Haunted Pubs

Londoners love their pubs, and always have done. That means that there are plenty of haunted taverns in the capital where you can enjoy paranormal pints and creepy cocktails with a Latin escort by your side. Halloween is the best time to visit these haunted pubs and catch a glimpse of a lost soul coming back to savour their favourite watering hole.

Try the Grenadier pub in elegant Belgravia, where an unfortunate soldier named Cedric was bludgeoned to death for cheating at cards. It is said that his ghost still haunts the pub, and staff and patrons have reported unexplained icy chills, strange shadows and painful sighs in the cellar and at his chosen table. Join with others in sticking money to the ceiling above where he died, so that poor Cedric can finally pay his debts.

Or visit the Ten Bells in Spitalfields, if you dare. Although this pub is found in the same streets that Jack the Ripper terrorized in the 19th Century, the ghosts that haunt the place originate from much earlier. Mediums refuse to enter the upstairs rooms as they fear the ghost of a murdered baby. Perhaps you and your date should stick to the ground level?

Ride on a Ghost Bus Tour

There are so many spooky locations in London that it would be impossible to visit them all on foot in one night. So why not invite an escort to join you on a scary yet fun Ghost Bus Tour ride around all the creepiest locations in town? This old-school Routemaster bus has been painted black paint for the occasion and will whisk you around London on a whistle-stop adventure of the capital’s most ghoulish spots.

The tour guides will narrate tales about Southwark’s Cross Bones Graveyard, Sweeney Todd the demon barber of Fleet Street, the terrifying black dog that is said to haunt Newgate Prison and plenty more. This is one fun yet freaky way to start a Halloween date with a Latin escort.

How do you like to celebrate this spooky time of the year? Meet one of our sexy London escorts to ensure that whatever you end up doing this Halloween, things will be guaranteed to go bump in the night!

There are even more ideas of what to do for Halloween 2018 in London on Visit London.