Best fish and chips in the UK

We saw that the National Fish and Chips award is up for grabs once again and we have to say that we got pretty excited as this is one of our all-time favorite foods.

British cuisine isn’t known for having too many world-beating dishes, but fish and chips certainly makes the grade.

Our London escorts all come from cultures with impressive cuisines (Argentinian steaks, Spanish paella and Brazilian Acaraje yum yum oh yes) but even they are blown away by Britain’s best-loved fast food. They would love to go to one of the higher end fish restaurants nominated for this list, so if you are looking for a location for a quirky escort date with a Latin companion in London or even beyond, consider checking the following locations out.

Poppies Fish & Chips – Soho

This 1950’s-style diner in hip Old Compton Street is the place to go when you are in Central London and get the urge for fish and chips. There is al fresco and indoor dining available, but we recommend to head in and admire the memorabilia from the golden age of rock n’ roll. Tourists love this place, but it still has an authentic feel for how fish and chips used to be served, and we think any Latin escort will be happy with the wild halibut, giant chips and side of mushy peas. If she really claims to be open-minded, she might even give the jellied eels a go!

Olley’s Fish Experience – Herne Hill

For a more elegant way to enjoy fish and chips in London, head south of the river to Herne Hill, where you will find Olley’s next to Brockwell Park. Named after Dicken’s character Oliver Twist, Olley’s has a cosy atmosphere which is perfect for a romantic date with an elite escort. Best of all, Olley’s follows a strict sustainable food source policy, so you know that you will be doing fish stocks a favour by tucking in here.

Sidney and Sons Fish and Chips – Hertfordshire

The home counties too have some contenders for fish and chip shop of the year, and the best of them is this fryer in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire. It’s been wowing customers since 1963, when it was named after Carry On star Sid James, who apparently bore a striking resemblance to the original Italian owner. This is actually quite a nice restaurant for a sit-down dinner, and you and your Latin companion will love the selection of seaside delicacies.

Krispies Fish & Chips – Devon

Britain’s south-west is always good for a visit, especially for a romantic weekend break with a sexy Latin escort from Lilyfields. If you are headed to Devon, make sure to check out Krispies in the beautiful seaside town of Exmouth. The fish is fresh of course, as it is caught every day, but what gives Krispies its name is the wonderfully fried batter and the perfect chips – which are also covered in batter. Your heart surgeon may not forgive you, but your adventurous Latin companion surely will.

Low’s Traditional Fish & Chip Shop, Aberdeenshire

We know this place well, as it is where we always stop for a fish supper before our Highland adventures. It’s a takeaway, located at a shopping centre on the outskirts of Aberdeen, but don’t let that put you off, as the fish is fresher than anywhere else, and the portions are humungous. If you are taking a Latin escort on a tour of Royal Deeside (perhaps to to see the Queen at Balmoral), then you will naturally pass by Low’s. We encourage you to stop in and taste for yourself.

Once you and your escort in London have enjoyed your delicious meal, only one question will remain: your plaice or mine? Old joke, we know…