Escorts Agencies in Social Networks

Social networks play an important role not only for promoting one’s business online but also for attracting clients. Most escort agencies set up their profiles on such social platforms as Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, MySpace, etc. Sometimes escort girls have their personal profile pages where they communicate with users directly. 

So, aside from blogging on a regular basis – do I do social media in general, I hear you ask?

There can be great business generated from a social media account when you’re in the escorting world – and you do get to create some fantastic hashtags. #horny, being the most obvious one, or #pretty&willing, say.

I do have a few social networks accounts, but I keep some of the stuff separate from my professional life. I need privacy after all. My Facebook page is for close friends and family only. After all, Lilyfields London escorts often live a long way from home so keeping in touch with my family and old friends is great when you can post up photos and updates on Facebook.


I don’t post too many photos up on Facebook though, just to be on the safe side. Besides, you all know what I look like from my other online presences don’t you?! And you seem to like what you see…

I also have a Twitter account and I use it to get work, show off my latest photos and comment on stuff I think is relevant and topical. And of course I have an Instagram account – as I said, I’ve got all these incredible photos so it’s crucial that people see them.

I’ve got a decent number of people following me on my Twitter and Instagram accounts and most of them are nice people – they like my Lilyfields escorts profile pictures, they make nice comments about them or they ask how I am. Of course, I can also use social media to tell people when I’m free and they can book me – that happens sometimes when a busy client needs to cancel because of a meeting or something.

Best not to waste the opportunity huh?

Do I get haters? Doesn’t everyone? Once you get over a certain number of followers (or just in general, haters gonna hate, after all), you start to attract a certain number of trolls and nutters. I try to kill them with kindness or ignore them. The thing the troll wants is for you to react and if you don’t react or be very nice to them instead, then there is little left for them to do.

The gentle country lass, or the knowing naughty city girl.
(This is advice I often give my business clients who have social media accounts. It’s all part of my services!)