Ginger Girls

Ginger girls take a special place in Lilyfields escorts category. These girls are often served with a special sauce and are attractive for the most enthusiastic and adventurous clients. ‘Sweet but dangerous…’ this is what makes them so controversial and appealing at the same time. 

I’m often described as sweet, but dangerous… wanna know more..?

Like many of the lovely ladies on this website, I can also be described in the ginger escorts category (and it’s not that I’m ginger… redhead girls have a special thrill, liveliness and loveliness). So on the one hand, I have a sweet and innocent look to me, I’m good mannered, I like to please and I love having a little conversation with a guy.


I am kind to small children and animals – and sweet to mankind in general. I think manners matter and I am easily pleased. I love being taken out, and I love more intimate experiences.

But then there’s my dangerous side – and my regulars love that side to me. They know they are going to experience a really good time, they might get to try out a few things that they have never tried before (but they’ve always wanted to do) and they can act out their biggest fantasies with me.

I like to think I sizzle with a lot of Latin sauce!

Many men these days like to try out different things, so I’m happy to oblige. Good things come in small packages – and that is another saying that applies to little ol’ me. Petite and pretty, but big where it counts if you know what I’m saying.

A lot of men like to role play and ginger escorts are often good at acting – it’s their special thrill. That is not to say that we are insincere when we are with clients – that is far from the truth – but we know a little of bit of role playing is what a lot of men like so we can act out various roles.

The sweet school girl, or the domineering school marm.

The gentle country lass, or the knowing naughty city girl.

Or we can go for situations, which I know people like a lot.

Some clients want to hire two redhead girls together – for double the trouble and double the fun. We’re happy to oblige.

And that’s why I’m described as sweet, but dangerous. If you want to find out more, why not book me today?

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