Sloane Square High Class Entertainment

Sloane Square is one of the most luxurious destinations in London, as it offers high-class shopping, eating and entertainment in a refined and sedate location, without the rush of the busier parts of town. In fact, Sloane Square could just be the ideal place to visit in the company of one of our glamorous Sloane Square escorts, as it contains the very best venues and activities to enjoy with an attractive woman, while also allowing you to relax and truly savour every moment. 

Located at the intersection of Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Belgravia, Sloane Square is an elegant square which in the 1980’s lent it’s name to the Sloane Rangers; a young upper-class and under-employed set who still frequent the area’s bars, restaurants and shops. The surrounding area is comprised of smart mansions and town houses and in general the atmosphere is rather more laid-back and less busy than Oxford Street. However, the elegant buildings are still home to many luxury fashion boutiques such as Hugo Boss, Ted Baker, Jigsaw, Lewin Shirts and more.

On one side of the square stands the Peter Jones department store, which as well as being a great place to shop for the latest fashions, also has a truly excellent brasserie where you simply must bring your Sloane Square W1 escorts if you are in the mood for lunch. On the other side from Peter Jones is the Royal Court Theatre where you can watch some cutting-edge and sometimes controversial plays.

The centrepiece of the square is a fountain dedicated to the goddess of love, Venus, and we are sure that any visit to the square in the company of one of our Sloane Square escorts will spark an unquenchable passion between you and your Sloane Square escort. If you look closer at the bottom of the fountain, you will see a relief depicting Charles II and his lover Nell Gwynn, a famous couple from English history, who went for romantic walks of their own in this very place.

A few streets away from the square itself on the Chelsea side, lies a true gem for all modern art lovers: the Saatchi gallery, which shows off the private collection of Britain’s most prominent art collector, as well as installations from some of the world’s best-known artists such as Damien Hirst (of shark-in-formaldehyde fame) and others. It’s a pretty impressive space to walk around, and is the perfect place to go for a walk with any of our sexy London escorts.