Gloucester Road As Centre of London’s Thriving French Community

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Gloucester Road is the main street of the affluent area of South Kensington, which is sandwiched between the equally posh districts of Knightsbridge and Chelsea, and leafy Hyde Park. As well as being home to many embassies and consulates, the area in and around Gloucester Road has in recent years developed to be the centre of London’s thriving French community. Here you will find the French consulate, the Ciné Lumière where you can watch classic French films, as well the largest Francophone school in the UK.

As you would expect for an area favoured by our French cousins, this part of London is well served by plenty of gourmet restaurants run by celebrity chefs, where you will definitely enjoy to take one of our Gloucester Roaв escorts. However, our favourite is the local branch of the gourmet burger joint Byron, where you can relax and let the conversation flow in a more informal setting.

Byron is well-known for serving high-quality burgers cooked to perfection, but what might surprise you is that they also offer healthy vegan options such as courgette fries and mushroom burgers. You can even choose to have your burger without a bun, which is perfect for those on low-carb diets.

Perhaps the highlight of any date to Gloucester Road SW7 is a visit to its Museum Quarter, where you can gaze at interesting exhibits in mostly free venues. The Natural History Museum is a fascinating destination for all looking to learn more about life on earth, dinosaurs, geology and more. Art lovers on the other hand should check out the Victoria & Albert Museum where you can see over 5000 years of art from around the world. All of our London companions are interested in the world around them, and would be eager participants for whatever kinds of activities you might wish to do in this charming part of London.