Cruise Holidays with an Escort

Our agency has a wide selection of Latin female companions who would be happy to make you a company on cruise holidays this summer. Luxurious summer holidays on a cruise liner cannot be complete without a beautiful and professional companion of Lilyfields. Here are some of our ideas for your best cruise experience. 

Lilyfields escorts are highly versatile and are not just the ideal companion for an hour of fun, but are also well suited to longer escort dates for a week or even longer. For example, have you considered meeting escorts for summer cruise holidays? Imagine spending one or two weeks with one of our sexy and elegant ladies!

Our escorts would love to be your first mate on cruise holidays around the Caribbean, enjoying the finest luxury resorts from Orlando in Florida and Nassau in the Bahamas to Cancun and Cozumel in Mexico. A cruise is a great way to experience many places in one vacation, while relaxing between destinations on a luxury floating hotel, and there is no better way to drink in the exotic sights and sounds of the Caribbean than on a cruise liner, particularly in the company of a Lilyfields escort companion.

You can explore Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and even the exciting new destination of Cuba, which is opening up to tourism, and your charming companion will be delighted to see so many new places with you, and is sure to reward you back on-board, whether you choose to dance the night away and make every other guest insanely jealous, or choose the privacy of your cabin for more intimate moments.


However, you do not need to fly half way around the world to enjoy a cruise with one of our sexy escort girls. Lilyfields London companions are happy to be your muse on luxury cruise excursions here in Europe, particularly in the Mediterranean during the summer months. You can top up your tan together on the sun deck of your cruise ship while visiting some of Europe’s most charming ports and cities, such as Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Naples and the island of Malta. Over on the eastern side of the Mediterranean, you can explore the old world charm of Athens, the Greek islands and Cyprus, or visit the truly unique and historic Adriatic towns of Venice, Dubrovnik and Split.

If you do not have time for a full week of cruising with one of our girls, then please consider one of the other shorter duration cruise itineraries here in Europe, which are ideal for an overnight or weekend break. For example, you can enjoy a Baltic cruise between Helsinki and Stockholm, and see the classic designs and cool architecture of these Scandinavian cities. Another short cruise idea is to travel the Blue Danube with one of our companions. This multi-day cruise will let you experience many countries and cities along the longest river in Europe, including Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade.

Finally, we can also recommend a cruise in the beautiful Norwegian fjords. Although it cannot boast the warm temperatures of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean, Norway’s stunning east coast with its inlets and mountains are perhaps the most romantic of all, and are sure to ignite your passions, particularly with a Lilyfields companion by your side. All the cruise liners which travel this part of the world are equipped with first class spas where you can relax, and luxury cabins where you can enjoy all kinds of erotic games in total privacy and discretion.

We hope you will consider a summer cruise vacation for your holiday with one of our escort companions. Whether you choose to cruise the Caribbean and enjoy the heat and sun of the beautiful islands there, or stay closer to home and explore Europe’s coasts, a cruise holiday can make your summer, so why not enjoy it with one of our Latin girls?

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