London Escorts Circuit

There are a lot of so-called ‘rituals’ that most London escorts follow every year, most of them are connected with keeping contacts with clients. The escorts circuit is one of such ‘rituals’ that presupposes visiting different UK cities where they meet up with their clients. Escorts should have their clientele coming from different places in order to ensure their regular yearly profits. 


Although working with Lilyfields I am classed as a London Escort that is not strictly true. That is because I also like to do a little visiting from time to time. It is actually what we escorts refer to as escorts circuit and it involves visiting certain cities several times a year. That way we build up regular clients so we can get a break from London but still have money coming in to enjoy that little holiday.


The cities I tend to frequent are Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Manchester. I like Scotland and Aberdeen in particular can prove very lucrative thanks to the influence of the oil industry in the city. I also have a couple of clients up there who are Swedish and it is always fun to catch up and hear their tales of freezing cold winters and cross country skiing. In fact, I’ve been cross country skiing in Finland with one of them who was desperate for me to see for myself what a week spent skiing through the Norwegian outback and toasting in a log cabin afterwards for like. And ladies, if you get the chance go for it – it was one of the most exhilarating holidays I’ve ever had. And yes, I would do it again in a shot.


As for Edinburgh – ah, who doesn’t love that beautiful city? The minute I look out the window of the train coming in to Waverley train station and see the castle sitting proudly above Princes Street, I always end up with a tingle of excitement. Yes, I’m a London escort and spoiled for choice when it comes to cuisine but Edinburgh has the most fabulous restaurants and lovely, cosy old pubs with real fires (and which you must sit beside nursing a glass of malt – apparently it’s the custom). Or maybe it’s just the fact I tend to date a lot of whisky lovers.


Culture is also something Edinburgh has in abundance. I don’t just mean all those art galleries, but the architecture too. It is a city of Georgian splendour. I love nosing in all the windows at night when they have their lamps on and admiring the Chesterfield sofas and huge gilt-framed oil paintings. It truly is the city of Miss Jean Brodie. Most of my clients in the capital tend to be from the legal profession – and yes, judges as well as barristers and lawyers. In fact it’s the judges I have a little trouble with – they are like naughty little boys most of the time. But I think they like me keeping them in line.