New Year 2014 Dresses

They say that a good beginning makes a good ending. So it is very important to have everything prepared for the celebration of the coming New Year 2014. There are things that will definitely put a good beginning to the year 2014, why not use them? According to the Eastern horoscope 2014 is the year of a blue wooden horse. Fashionable escort girls are ready to share their ideas for the best New Year 2014 dresses.

The majority of London escorts start thinking about New Year attire long before the holiday, because it is necessary not only to organize a party, but also to choose the details of the outlook. According to the eastern horoscope the dark blue wooden horse is the patron of 2014 year. The peculiar features of this patron will help to choose the New Year’s dresses which will personify all qualities of this impudent and noble animal.

London escorts get to know who will be the patron of the next year, its character and preferences in advance. They try to cajole it making the year bring only positive things. All escorts from Great Britain like other people believe in good and they hope for a miracle especially on the New Year’s Eve.

2014 is a year of a dark blue wooden horse. Choosing a holiday attire escort girls pay attention to dark blue and green colours, and its shades – blue, violet, cyan, celestial-blue, because these colours are preferable. Most escorts use gray shades and all colours usual for this animal. Horse is an aristocratic and noble animal, so it is better to think over the dress in advance. The appearance of a British escort girl should be complete and well thought-out. It is possible to select an extravagant, unusual image, but it should be elegant. The dress should be made of natural fabrics – wool, silk, velvet. It is necessary to exclude any synthetics from the image. Of course, it may look attractive and fashionable, but horse doesn’t like it. The light, streaming dresses made from atlas and silk emphasizing advantages of a figure are very popular. Deciding what to put on the New Year’s Eve, model girls pay attention to light transparent and romantic clothes. It can be jackets or scarves and capes from the transparent chiffon.

Thinking over what to put on fashionable London escorts don’t forget about the hairdress. It should be well combined with a dress. Horses will like hairdress with sleeked hair. And it isn’t important if it seems too old-fashioned. With It is possible to add a modern look to the hairdress with the help of wooden jewelry and decorative hairpins.

Also it is possible to let hair down and to curl it. Curling hair will symbolize a mane of an impudent, capricious animal. And various braids with ribbons and the refined ponytails combining with dresses from natural fabrics will help to emphasize one’s natural beauty and grace.

Fashionable escort girls of UK try to shine even more than they can. It can be sparkling jewelry, dazzling beauty, flashing humour or witty jokes. These qualities are characteristic of the hostess of the coming year. Escorts always try to preserve the brightness and beauty of the image during the New Year’s Eve and all year round. Hurry up to choose your best Christmas and New Year image of 2014!