Fashion Trends of 2014

Escorts are females who always try to be in trend. They are fashion-conscious and are aware of the latest changes and news in fashion industry. This is one of their secrets of success with clients. Fashionable clothes are not just the way to be beautiful but also the way to express oneself and tell the world about your personality. That is why escorts are always tuned in to ‘mode’. Here are fashion trends of 2014.

The beginning of the new year is a good time for fashion lovers to renew the wardrobe and buy trendy clothes. If you follow fashionable tendencies, you are likely to make the list of the desired purchases. Probably, every escort girl buys spring dresses at the time winter sales. Today we suggest girls learning what things are out of fashion, what clothes they shouldn’t spend money on and what things they should pay attention to.

Femininity takes the first place this new year, therefore females have to forget about any brutal elements of a decor like spikes and rivets on outerwear, bags and footwear.

Grunge style, unfortunately, isn’t popular any more – stretched sweaters and checked shirts combined with very short jeans shorts, leather and denim jackets, ripped jeans are perceived as bad manners in 2014 year.


Grunge was succeeded by a sensual retro style! Long live the mix of dresses of 60-70-80-90th! Among the favourites – the style of the 60th. Escorts can borrow Mary Jane shoes, coats of candy shades and the A-silhouette miniskirt from fashionable women of those times.

In a new season denim is still very popular. Nevertheless, Skinny jeans with a flower or leopard print should be forgotten. In 2014 classical one-colour jeans are actual. These jeans can be successfully combined with hoodies, and with office shirts and colourful shoes.


Neat shirts and blouses of a classical cut also sank into oblivion. This season designers stake on sportive hoodies with creative and ironic prints. Women can wear it with jeans and pencil skirts.

Bandage dresses that were the main object of investments of many women of fashion will lose their popularity in 2014. It happened because of the great variety of fake copies. It is worth sending low-necked dresses with the opened belly to the same litter bin. They are succeeded by the elegantly fitted dresses!


Removable collars decorated with beads, pearls or plastic things are not in fashion this year. They were replaced by stylish large necklaces made from colourful enamel. Wonderful escorts can wear new necklaces with all clothes and at any time.

Gym shoes on a platform sole promptly burst into the world of fashion and won the hearts of women of fashion. However, euphoria lasted not long and now they are sent in exile. As an alternative designers offer gym shoes on a plane sole.


This season daily miniature clutches are also out of fashion. They are extremely impractical. Fashionable designers stake on bag belts! Such bag is capable to become a zest at your fashionable image. Escorts can wear it with jeans or a business dress using it as an accessory.

So this year brings a lot of fashionable changes that should be counted by fashion fans. Otherwise, they risk to pass for girl with bad fashionable habits.