New Year 2013

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Every country has its own peculiar features of celebrating New Year. In these peculiarities people reveal their nationality and character. Let’s find out some specific features of celebrating New Year in England and Scotland.


To be together during the whole year, lovers have to kiss, that is how the saying goes. Therefore kissing under the mistletoe is a very important part of the New Year celebrations.

In England there is the tradition to play performances for children based on plots of ancient English fairy tales. The lord Disorder holds cheerful carnival procession in which fantastic characters take part: Hobby of Hors, March Hare, Humpty Dumpty, Panch and others. All New Year’s Eve street vendors sell toys, penny whistles, masks, balloons.

In England there was a custom to exchange greeting New Year cards. The first New Year card was printed in London in 1843.

Arrival of New Year is announced by a bell. It starts calling a little before midnight and does it whispering, because it is wrapped with a blanket which prevents it from striking with all loudness. But in twelve precise people put the blanket off the bells and it starts ringing loudly in the honor of New Year.
During these minutes lovers should kiss each other under the branch of the mistletoe which is considered a magic tree in order they do not break up next year. Thanks to this tradition couples come to Great Britain to bind each other by a kiss. And those who have no sweethearts often use escorting services which are very popular here. Besides, escort agencies are another interesting way of entertainment for tourists.

Speaking about New Year celebrations in England, people serve a turkey with chestnuts and fried potatoes in sauce, and also stewed Brussels sprout with meat pies, puddings, sweets, and fruit to a New Year’s table.

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On the British Isles there is a wide-spread custom of “an arrival of New year” – a symbolical boundary of transition from previous life to new one. When the clock strikes 12, people open a back door of the house to let the old year out, and with the last strike of the clock they open a forward door welcoming New Year.

In Scotland New Year is called “Hogmanay”. Traditionally on New Year’s Eve people burn the barrels with tar and roll them along the streets, burning Old year and inviting New Year.

The Scots consider that good luck or failure in a family during new year depends on the first person who will enter their house. This tradition is called “first footing”.

People prepare special traditional dishes: for a breakfast they usually serve oat flat cakes, a pudding, a special cheese, for a dinner – a boiled goose or a beefsteak, pie or baked apples.

Guests have to bring a slice of coal to throw it into a New Year’s fireplace. Precise at midnight the doors are wide-opened to let New Year in.