Escorts of 2013

There are a lot of girls who are dreaming to know the real truth of what attracts men. Lilyfields London escort agency has carried out a survey of what escorts of 2013 should be to be noticed by them. We are listing the results of our survey in the article. Take your time to find out what image will conquer a man’s heart in the year of 2013.

It is a real fact that the life of beautiful and talented escort women is full of sad stories and tragedies. And the question is: what do men look for in the pretty escort girl and why don’t they find it? The answer is rather simple, as everything that concerns the men and their thinking.

While escort ladies torture themselves with diets, fitness classes, they buy clothes and a lot of cosmetic stuff, men try to find the emotions and an internal spark in every escort about which lovely ladies forget in a pursuit of eternal youth and beauty.

So what is a complete and successful image of escorts of 2013?

Self-Assured Escort Girl
The man will be interested in the escort lady who is self-confident than that girl who constantly needs self-assurance. And her appearance and the opportunities also attract the man. It is completely natural when the escort woman looks for a man’s strong shoulder and his support, however she has to be able to “stay on the feet” independently.

Girls With a Good Sense of Humor
Long ago scientists proved that men prefer optimistic escort ladies. The escort woman who can laugh and make laugh, who does not notice minor problems and routine everyday life and constantly is in good mood will attract the attention of the best men around.

The Well-Groomed Escorts
The pleasant character, purity of believes, education and all other things are perfect, but the man would like see all these advantages in gold and beautiful “rim”. Well-groomed escort lady with attractive appearance, fine gait attract the interest of men. However it is important to remember that the young man would like to see in you a clever and interesting personality.

Understanding Ladies
Men are in search of someone who would have the opportunity to accept them as they really are. They need the escort girl who will love all their shortcomings and strangeness, who will help to cope with problems and fears, who will stimulate and inspire them to success. Almost all men admit the fact that the most part of modern escort women want to see a superhero with the typewriter for money. That is why a lot of men decide not to reveal their feelings to the pleasant escort woman.

Girls with Complete and Harmonious Personality
Children’s giggling and chatting can be nice from time to time, however, as a rule, men choose escort girls with adequate outlooks and those who are able to support the conversation, entertaining and not very loud. The female brain which is filled with fantastic fairy tales and covered with a pink fog can amuse the guy first, however then he will choose the rational and mature escort girl.

So it is easy to be the ideal escort lady for the man if you follow these simple rules. And remember that these tips will help to attract a lot of nice men to your life which increases the chances to meet a special one.