Part 3: A Story with a Mother

After a while our escort got a phone call from Alicia, which puzzled her at first. In the course of their talk it turned out that Alicia was interested in booking our escort for business, which intrigued our escort girl and she accepted the invitation. Next day she told us a story that made us really proud of her. 

You are probably wondering what happened when I went back to Alicia’s house – and did they re-book me after the fiasco of her mother turning up on the door unexpectedly?

Well of course they re-booked me! Given my skillful acting which had convinced Alicia’s mother I was a work colleague of hers (despite not knowing what she did and having to take a guess at it) and my quick thinking, they had decided it was absolute worth their while to try out the proper Lilyfields London escorts experience.

And it all went very well…

But there was an unexpected development. Several days later, my phone went. I didn’t recognise the number, but answered anyway. It was Alicia. She apologised for phoning me out of the blue, but she was after advice.


Escorts in London are brilliant at advice. Well, we do a lot of listening and we are worldly wise, so our two cents’ worth is often worth hearing.

I expected her to be seeking answers about how to please a man, or perhaps even recommendations about which London clubs and restaurants I rate. I do frequent some of the best ones in the city, after all.

But that wasn’t what she was after at all…

“I’m pitching for a new client,” she said, “and I’ve done this presentation, but I’m just not that sure about it. I really need an outside opinion because I think my colleagues have seen it too many times and they can’t add anything fresh. Could I book you for an hour so that you could see what you think?”

Well, I’m a very open-mined sort as you know so I agreed and headed to her offices. I listened to her presentation and I gave my laywoman’s advice. I was able to put myself completely in the position of her potential client and work out exactly what I thought the client wanted.

Then I gave her a few pointers about how she should convey that knowledge of knowing what a client wants – even when they do not realise what they want. The trick is to anticipate and then supply. A bit like I do really.

I also advised that she should ensure a star moment – it’s a TED-talk term where a moment reinforces your point. You could say that my time with clients always features a star moment (I have a little party trick which always goes down well), and advised her to include a real wow moment too.

So there you go – Lilyfields London escort AND PR advisor. The list of my skills continues to grow.