Sunny Destinations to Explore This Summer – Barbados, Dubai, Cuba

Our top 3 sunny destinations to reach this summer with a charming Lilyfields travel girl! If you are tired of European holidays in your life this article is just for you as it uncovers the best spots to spend your coming vacations out of Europe. Keep reading further to learn exactly what they are… 

Escape the rainy weather of the UK and jetset to a warmer locale with a beauty on hand. Take Lilyfields travel companion on your next holiday to a tropical island, the majestic warmth of the Middle East, or to a country that appreciates great food and dancing and is sure to reward you both with a holiday to remember. Whether you are looking for a sunny location to relax with a beautyiful travel girl over cocktails on the beach, or an adventure holiday scuba diving, these sunny destinations will meet all your wildest dreams.


Nowhere screams perfect weather and year-round sunshine quite like the tropical island of Barbados. With non-stop flights out of London getting you to the Caribbean in only eight hours, there is nothing stopping you from leaving the soggy cold for warm Barbadian weather.

The resorts and hotels of Barbados cater to couples year-round and know a thing or two about creating a romantic atmosphere with as much privacy as you need.

You and your travel companion can spend an evening enjoying a candlelit dinner on the beach, before jumping in for a late-night swim. Sailing is a popular activity on the island and you can both enjoy a luxurious sunset cruise while becoming acquainted with the local specialty – Bajan Rum Punch.

If you prefer adventure, there are few places on the planet that offer such incredible opportunities to get your blood pumping. Take on the waves with a surfing lesson for two, go for an afternoon break on horseback along the white sand coastline, or take in the exotic marine life when you challenge yourselves to a day of scuba diving.

No matter if you are looking for a place to relax in private or a fun adventure that keeps a smile on your faces all week, Barbados is the perfect choice for a holiday in the sun.


If you are looking for European weather escape that is a little different, why not consider one of the most up and coming cities in the world and best of sunny destinations, Dubai. This desert oasis in the United Arab Emirates may not have been your first thought, but it undoubtedly offers an experience unlike any other.

Dubai will enthrall you with its grand hotels, ritzy restaurants and out of this world architecture (the new Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world). This all comes together to create a magical city where you can feel powerful with a gorgeous woman by your side.

After you take on the shopping malls and eat all the five star cuisine your stomachs can handle, the Atlantis The Palm Resort is a must-see while in Dubai. Located on the Palm island itself, a man-made island off of the city’s coast, this five star resort is the perfect winter escape in one location. You and your travel girl can check-in to one of luxurious suites, visit the spa for some much needed R&R and then take on the incredible Atlantis waterpark or a nice meal in one of the dozens of restaurants on-site.

Dubai may not be your typical romantic retreat destination, but this city will surprise you with beautiful weather, unrivalled grandeur and adventure around every turn.


Only 90 miles from the coast of Florida lies an energetic nation with plenty of sunshine and a unique zest for life. Cuba is a country of food, sex and dancing – all the ingredients you’ll need for an unforgettable winter holiday with a seductive female companion to accompany you.

Havana, the capital city of Cuba, is the perfect destination for those looking to escape the boring monotony of Britain and infuse some passion in their lives. You and your Lilyfields travel companion can choose to experience the local culture as you ride around in a 1950’s Chevy, stop for a Cuban Mojito, or hit the clubs for a night of dancing that will have you ready to go all night long. The Cubans understand the art of lovemaking and room-by-the-hour hotels dot the city if that is your kind of thing.

After some time in the city, escape for some fun in the sun to a beachside resort in Varadero. While still maintaining the Cuban enthusiasm for life, in Varadero you will lose the fast-paced mentality of Havana for a charming low-key and relaxed vibe of this resort town. Lay back in your finest swim attire and finally get yourself some colour. There are plenty of resorts if you are ready for some privacy and a lively nightlife to finish it off.

Cubans are a spirited people and their everyday zeal and warm winter weather will make this a favourite holiday destination you will keep going back to.

The sun may have abandoned us here in the British Isles, but the world is waiting with warm winter places for you and your Lilyfields travel girl to explore. Whether you are looking for a private resort with minimal time spent sightseeing or a full-out cultural immersion, these three destinations offer something to excite even the most particular palates.