Escorts Chocolate Lovers

Most of girls have a sweet tooth, escorts of Lilyfields are not an exception and are great chocolate lovers. Chocolate is the most popular dainties with girls. It is not only the way to delight one’s sweet desires but also show the traits of your personality. They say that people who eat chocolate regularly are very friendly and easy going. London escorts are the best example of this fact. Read our chocolate story and make sure… 

“You can’t eat very much of this,” one of my girlfriends said this to me last week as we were wandering round shops and noticed all of the Easter Eggs for sale.

“Your figure is too good for you to eat much in the way of chocolate,” she added, “London escorts probably never eat chocolate.” I think she was feeling a bit jealous, as she is a little bit on the large side whilst I am a perfect size 10 and with a teeny-tiny waist, curvy hips and ample breasts.

“Actually, you’re wrong,” I told her. “I LOVE chocolate and I do eat it regularly.” I stopped speaking then as I thought my girlfriend was about to kill me. My figure AND chocolate? How could that be?


I was thinking to myself about it later on. I only like the finer things in life – I prefer fillet steaks to hamburgers, I’d much rather drink champagne or the very best French red wine than any kind of rubbish, special offer from the supermarket and I always wear silk underwear.

I have a thing about designer shoes – there is no finer shoe than the Louboutin, for example – and I like to eat at Michelin-starred restaurants where I know the food will be of very high standard and cooked to perfection.

The same applies to chocolate. Only the best, Swiss-made chocolate will do for me. I think it’s the nuts they often put in it. And luckily for me, I have a few regular clients who know this fact about me well and they always bring me a box of the finest, hand-made Swiss chocolate truffles when they book me.

Or an Easter Egg – its hard, crisp exterior concealing soft melting caramels or individual chocolates flavoured with exquisite and unusual ingredients. Chilli or lavender, for example, or dried raspberries.

We can enjoy the chocolate together, for instance. Their melting quality is so superb they just beg to be applied to the body and licked off slowly. Messy, but oh so very rewarding I would say.

Escorts in London can cater for all tastes, but if you too are a connoisseur of life’s luxuries (in fact you consider them necessities and not luxuries), then I suggest you always book an escort through my agency. We have very high standards and we will always share your tastes for the finest things in life.

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