Part 1: A Story with a Mother

Escorts profession is often unpredictable; we mean that girls accidentally take part in the life plots with real characters like mothers, wives, girlfriends, colleagues, etc. And they are always ready to play this or that role depending on the situation they find themselves in. Here is a story featuring an accidentally appeared mother… 

I’m trying something different with this post. As regular readers at Lilyfields will know, London escorts like me lead an exciting life and some of us like to document it for your reading pleasure. Let’s just call it giving you added value.

But I’m a great believer in leaving clients wanting more. Teasing and titillation are all part of pleasure seeking experience and escorts in London like to get re-booked, so if you leave them wanting more that happens.

An Escort, a Mother and a Girlfriend

That’s not to say that my clients at Lilyfields leave a date with me feeling dissatisfied or as if they have not had their money’s worth. That certainly isn’t the case – I just like to keep something in reserve so my clients always are curious enough to come back for more.

I want to do that with my writing too – leave you wanting more I mean. So I’m going to start with an experience I had this week, involving a client, his girlfriend and a mix-up with the booking.

Threesomes aren’t for every escort in London, but I’m happy to do them as I see myself sometimes as the saviour of relationships. If your sex life has felt a little dull of late, hire me and I guarantee to help you make things more meaningful in the bedroom. Anyway, a threesome request came in – a young guy and his girlfriend who wanted me to come to their home and give them both a good time.

I dressed accordingly. With threesomes, you don’t want to intimidate the girlfriend; the last thing I want her to feel is as if she will be comparing herself to me forever after. So I ditched my usual revealing outfits and pulled on cotton underwear and girl-next-door jeans, a chic blouse and a pair of high heels. Pretty, but not threatening.

I set off for the house – an address in Hampstead, and arrived there in good time. I rang the bell and waited. And waited. Eventually, the door opened. The guy’s girlfriend had answered the door and she wore an apologetic slightly horrified expression on her face.

“Who is it dear?” A voice from the background shouted. A female voice.

“Um, is this Number XXX? My name’s XXXX from the agency?” I asked.

The woman nodded quickly.

“Listen,” she said, “it’s great you’ve come round, but there has been a bit of an unexpected development. You see, my-”

At that point, a woman appeared behind her. An older woman dressed very conservatively in a tweed jacket and skirt, with a pearl necklace.

“Ah mother,” said the woman at the door. “This is, um XXX, er she’s a friend of mine. I… ah, work with her…”

The older woman beamed at me. “Oh how marvellous! We’ve just arrived – we thought we’d surprise my daughter and her boyfriend. I don’t want to disrupt their plans for the evening though or put them to any inconvenience. Do come in dear and tell me about your work with Alicia – she’s always so secretive with me about her life…”

To be continued…