Escorts Shedule

London escorts have really busy schedules during the year. However, none of the escorts can complain about their work, just on the contrary, they are happy to be preoccupied with their everyday tasks and accomplishments and many of them confess they couldn’t imagine that it would be so engaging! Here is a yearly escorts schedule  – enjoy! 

You know how at this time of year businesses get their accounts together to reassess the past 12 months and see how well they’ve done? Well, as an escort, obviously paying tax is something moi is also er, prone to.

So, a quick flick through my rather rat-eared diary (well, it was an extremely busy year!) and I checked out my movements over the past 12 months or so. I thought you might be interested to see what I’ve been up to. I certainly was because you know how somehow the year tends to run away with you. Anyhow, if you’re interested – and if you’re still reading then you obviously are – feast your eyes on the following facts, why don’t you.

My activities over the past 12 months:

Number of transatlantic flights – 55 (mostly to European capitals but also rather exotic destinations in Russia and the Far East)

Number of days dining with high class clients – 205 (and the majority of those eateries were super fab – many were Michelin starred)

Number of days spent pampering self – 250 (well, after all this is an essential part of my job). When I say pampering I mean facials, massages and waxing.

Number of hours entertaining clients – 1506
Busiest months of the year – October and November (maybe folks get a little beleaguered at this dark time of year and need a little cheering up?)

Number of weekends whisked away on exotic retreats – 21 (the best was a super sumptuous hotel in Hawaii but there was also a fantastic spa-hangout in Brazil and a super-sexy weekend in Paris)

Number of gifts received – 156 (mostly perfume, lingerie and jewellery – all of which I adore)

Number of client who admit to being married – 65 per cent (it’s probably more but they’re a little embarrassed to admit this – though God knows why in this day and age)

Number of massages given – 205 (I do love to give massages and have been told on more than one occasion that I’m rather gifted in this respect!)

Number of times I thanked God that I’d chosen this profession – rather than gone into a career as a PA for a banking firm as my parents would have chosen – 365 (ie every day of the year!)
So anyhow – how did your year pan out?