Celebrating Easter 2017 with a Beautiful Girl in London

Easter 2017 is almost upon us, and the first proper holiday of the year is always a blast, however you like to enjoy it. Four days off work of UK bank holidays just as the warmer weather approaches is enough to raise the spirits of even the sometimes put a dampener on things.

This year, why not stay in London and make the most of the activities? This Easter there are a ton of side, then you can really get into the fun. Here’s some ideas of how to celebrate Easter with a beautiful girl in London this year.

Easter carnivals are very popular these days, and the best are to be found here in London. The Magic Roundabout in Old Street is mostly associated with trendy hipsters and their weird and wonderful tech transformed into a riotous carnival of colour, sounds and tastes. With the best DJ’s such as Stuey Sanchez spinning the decks, performance artists such as contortionists, magicians and dancers keeping you entertained, and complimentary chocolate for everyone, this will be the coolest place in town. Many of our girls love a good party, so would love to accompany you to this event. You can even treat her to her very own portrait from the visiting sketch artists. If you are still in the mood to boogie after the sun goes down, head on over to the orchestral London will collaborate with the best electronic beats to ensure a swinging time.

If you prefer things a bit more sedate, then why not visit St Olav’s Church in Rotherhithe, the home of London’s Nordic community? The Norwegian buffet lunch is just the thing to get you feeling all hygge, and if you bring a Latin escort from our selection, then she will be hugging you all day! Afterwards, move onto The Bloomsbury Club Bar near Oxford Street where they are celebrating UK coffee week which handily coincides with Easter this year. The service is provided by the boys and girls of New York’s Dead Rabbit bar (recently voted best bar in the world), who will be serving the best of Irish coffee cocktails. The highlight will be a seasonal pick-me-up of coffee and demerara sugar syrup blended in a water bath, with whiskey, whipped cream and a touch of nutmeg. Delicious!

For many of us, Easter is not the same without a proper lunch, and our famously carnivorous Brazilian escorts in particular will love to experience a proper British rack of lamb. Angela Hartnett’s Cafe Murano in Covent Garden is the best place to try it. This year she is going for an Italian twist, offering mouth-watering truffle arancini as a starter, before letting you and your date tuck into a lamb roast with a refreshing salsa rossa, served with minted Jersey Royals. If that isn’t romantic enough, why not mark the 20th anniversary of James Cameron’s Titanic? The Prince Charles cinema is reliving the incredible journey of Jack and Rose, and this tear-jerker is sure to get the passion going this Easter.

So there you have it. Easter is a time of renewal and optimism, and even romance if you meet the right person. With a Lilyfields London escort by your side, romance, passion and eroticism are always a sure thing. Whether you want to meet a sexy bunny to help roll your egg or a dinner date with whom to share a leg of lamb, then give us a call and we will find the Easter companion for you!