Are All Escorts Models

There is a great number of models who become escorts after their modelling career. Some of them try to combine working as an escort and being a model. Why do girls often face the chance of starting working in the escorts’ business? Escorts are models and vice versa.

It is very difficult to conquer the world being involved in modeling. And not everyone can do it. Today you are popular; everybody admires you and your portraits on covers of luxurious magazines. And few years later all covers are thrown in a recycle bin and only some people remember you.

If it is so difficult to conquer the adoration of the world, it is easy to lose soul and health, including mentality health, in model business. If the girl isn’t smart enough, chances to get the negative experience and disappointment are very great!

Very often girls choose wrong agencies where they start to work and take part in doubtful castings, to work for the contract and do not receive money at all. Some girls come from abroad and dream about the career of model. Beautiful little girls want to enter the University, but some of them fail the exams and have nothing, so they start working as waitresses, servants, etc. But then they understand that it is not ó thing they wanted, it is far from modeling. And the majority goes in the escorting. It is similar to model business.

But it happens not only to new comers in modeling. The same situation happens to those girls who worked a lot in this sphere. A lot of models work for 2-3 years and then other girls take their places. And should do these ex-models? Such girls get used to luxurious life, pleasant stares of men and admiration of all people around. So they don’t want to change4 it and become an ordinary girl again who are working at bar. And they decide to try escorting. It presupposes the same lifestyle as modeling.

A lot of people think that escorts are just girls from the street. But it is not true. The great majority of escorts are ex-models, those who would like to become a model but couldn’t do it, and those who were not engaged at modeling at all. But the first two types are in majority. VIP escorts are always models. Hey are very beautiful, gorgeous and intelligent.

Some people can’t believe that pretty women who were famous in modeling can be escorts. But they can. And they do. Those models who have reached a success in modeling and then were replaced by other younger and prettier girls are disappointed in this business, but they can’t forget this style of life and their feeling of being famous and admired. So they have no options and they choose escorting that reminds the style life of models.

That is the reason why there are a lot of models in escort industry. But of course, not all escorts are models. Some of them are just girls who can’t do anything except spending time with men and entertaining them. These ladies are not worse than models, because they also try to do their best and meet the requirements of the clients. So all escorts are escorts. It is a common fact. And all of them are professionals.